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The 2.1.1 plugin does do silent install, but I don't think /SILENT is the right flag. I believe it should be /S or /SD.

We're switching to an MSI format for 2.2.0, which you should be able to install silently using Microsoft's tools for that.

I've not tested it yet, but some of the changes in 2.2.0 may also make it easier to move outside of the current install location. It's at least moving in this direction if still not feasible.

There is no current ETA for Modo 13 support. We're working on updating to the new engines for Substance Designer 2019.1, likely we'll do those at the same time.

The plans are to finish it this week. It will still require testing and verification for 3ds Max 2018, 2019 and 2020 after that to ensure it's ready. I think next week is more likely. We're actively working on the release, and plan to have it out when it is ready.

The installer script tries to install to ~/houdini17.5/dso/...

If the dso folder does not exist in that directory, then run

mkdir -p ~/houdini17.5/dso

and then try to run the installer script.

Hi teaguevr,

Thank you for giving us the information to reproduce this. As the asset is fairly new on Source, I think it likely was authored with newer features. We're finalizing an update which will include compatibility up to Designer 2019.1. I'll test this one to ensure that this will fix it.

I think the fix will need to be on our end and not your end, so if you wait a small bit of time for us to finalize the next release, then it should work.

Even after this is fixed, it will likely look slightly different than what is on Source. Source doesn't use VRay to render its assets, and the lighting will be different.


Many of the improvements are close to done. I think at this point it is better to wait while we're developing for it. Now that the Maya 2.0.0 plugin is close to release, we have revisited 2.1.2 and will have 2.2.0 instead. I think some of the improvements there are too important to have a release one week, and another a few weeks later, especially compatibility with Substance Designer 2019.1. This next week will be the final week of work for 2.2.0.

The timeline has nothing to do with the Adobe acquisition. We've had heavy work on the Unity, Unreal Engine 4 and Maya integrations, which has affected it the most.

I don't think I have an alternative approach right now. If that's what you plan on doing, I would recommend using the Substance Automation Toolkit or some other scripting approach to automating that as much as possible. If the SAT is not available, you could probably build something using sbsrender, which should be included in Substance Designer. It should be more manageable to use some scripting to render the master sbsars to a set of maps.

The fix with the issue will have to be after the 2.2.0 release, which will be coming soon. We'll need to do some research and have some discussions about how we want to approach this and a few other issues.

It should be fixed now, the link on the page should work.

There was an issue a few days ago with the website redirect. Let us know if it's still an issue.

When Substance2 nodes are instantiated in a material library, it keeps a copy of at least the sbsar in it, possibly also a copy of the outputs. It may also be rendering each one at load time.

Improving the experience here is something we'll need to do.

I can look at getting a newer invite.

We'll need to fix the build for Windows, I apologize for the inconvenience.

As it's been delayed to this point, there are more things that are being added besides the compatibility update. This includes native output support for some renderers and an upgrade to the new Substance Engine. This will take an extra week or two of work before release.

Some added functionality needs to be added, including updating to the new Substance Engine from Designer, so that needs to be completed before the release.

It should be up on the website now. The download page will need to be updated to say 17.5 instead of 17.0, but the link is for the 17.5 plugin.

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