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After talking to Autodesk, I think we have to do more work to directly interface with both MAXtoA and Arnold.

This is something that can and should be done, but we would want to tool it so that the infrastructure works in Maya, etc. as well.

The issues with values not updating Corona are a WIP and are set for a further release on top of this one.

Importing may still have issues, as you are bringing that file in and there's no way to keep the param block ids unique between scenes. To further fix that will require us seeing whether we can hot change those on load.

There might be a way on import we can unload all of them, wait for it to load and then recreate all the param blocks, but that will be more complicated, especially to do while not losing things like animation data. I'll see if we can do that, but I think that will take some further research to get right. I'll have to talk to Autodesk on what the best way of handling that is.

Switching between scene files will currently work however, which is what was fixed.

I'll need to talk with Autodesk on this, but likely it's something missing vs something broken.

We may need to do some work with MAXtoA and Arnold itself for it to work, but I don't know the specifics yet or how Arnold GPU differs in scene tranalation from normal Arnold.

For 2.2.0, you can just run the new installer. Or, to remove it, you can uninstall it from in the control panel.

For 2.1.1, 2.0.0 and the beta, there should be something in the control panel to remove. That should uninstall it. If it installed both 2018 and 2019, then you will need to manually remove the 2019 one. The folder layout for that I will get back to you on. These versions were never released for 3ds Max 2020, so if you use that, then you needn't worry.

Hello everyone,

Today we have released the 2.3.1 version of the Substance in 3ds Max plugin. There are again some larger changes to install setup. The plugin now installs outside of the 3ds Max directory into C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\SubstanceIn3dsMax<version>. It should now work anywhere that 3ds Max is told to look for plugins, so it should now function installed on a network drive, etc.

Note that the switch to the Application Plugin and the install directory change make it so that an upgrade from 2.1.1 versions and prior will not work correctly. These should be manually removed for 3ds Max 2018 and 2019. The 2.2.0 version should upgrade correctly.

For some of the issues not addressed in this release, another one is planned soon to fix these and any other issues that may arise.

This version is released currently for 3ds Max 2018, 2019 and 2020.

2.3.1 Release:
  • Load sbsar now looks in the project images folder first
  • Renderer compatibility dialog only now appears for VRay RT and VUE File Renderer
  • Drag and drop for the Slate Material Editor disabled to remove issues with Max batch
  • Render Dialog no longer displays in 3ds Max silent mode
  • Smaller python scripts now compatible with Python 3
  • Added support for the Substance Launcher to send Substance Source assets to 3ds Max. This will require changes in the Launcher, but support in the plugin will be there as the feature is added.
  • Redshift renderer script now uses the new node names set in Redshift 2.6.24
  • Max no longer crashes when an empty path is assigned to the Substance2 SubstanceFilePath
  • Remove name collision of SubstanceOutput type with the old plugin
  • Renamed SubstanceOutput class to Substance2Output
  • Renamed Substance Menu Manager class to Substance2MenuManager
  • Param block ids are now forcefully cleared when a scene is opened, removing collisions between scene files. This should fix issues with invalid parameter blocks on load when alternating between scenes. Importing may still have issues, as that requires more complex changes
  • The plugin is now installed outside of 3ds Max. All paths have been changed to relative from the load location.
  • The plugin now uses the Autodesk Application plugin system.
  • The plugin will support the next version of 3ds Max when it is released by Autodesk


Substance Integrations - Autodesk Maya - Re: Emissive map!!
 on: February 12, 2020, 01:49:40 am 
This will entirely depend on the shader you're using. Typically an emissive map should be connected to something like emissive color for Arnold, and then the Emission attribute will need to be increased to what you desire.

For another shader than Arnold, the setup will be different.

The Substance in 3ds Max plugin is currently released for 2018, 2019 and 2020.

You can find them on our website on the 3ds Max page or linked in the stickied forum post.

Substance Integrations - Autodesk 3ds Max - Re: paramblock2
 on: February 06, 2020, 01:53:29 am 
Sorry Benjamin, but it will require changes in the full plugin. We're finalizing the next release, but there's some other important things coming up that require fixing as well before the next release.

It will not require changing the previous files however.

I think we can try to look into this for the next release. What version of VRay are you using?

We may need to check for version to maintain it working, if it's in a newer one.

This is something that should be fixed in the next release.

That should be resolved for the next release.

After the script had been written, redshift renamed their nodes at some point to be more aligned with their other plugins. This had the side effect of making the script non-functional.

It's something we're looking at right now to have fixed for the next release.

It should be soon, once everything we want done is finished.

Are you trying to use the redshift workflow? There's an issue with that right now that should be resolved in the next release.

Redshift changed their node information there.

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