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I  seriously need to talk to someone about billing/subscriptions. There are ongoing problems trying to bill for my subscription and there shouldn't be. l even started a whole new subscription upon someone form Allegorithmic's suggestion, and also paid for the perpetual license from the old subscription. Billing was changed to what I needed to change it to, and yet there still seem to be billing problems that aren't making sense. I need Substance, particularly Painter, for my day to day work and these kind of issues are causing some serious problems for me, and I need to get them sorted asap.

need to update billing info... where?

Like the subject said: I can start it, but if I use anything from the create menu at launch or close that menu and try ANYTHING, it crashes.

Just wondering if there is a comprehensive guide on the shelf system that is perhaps a bit more in depth than just the manual. I find the shelf system in Substance Painter very opaque and frustrating: inability to edit paths while a project is open seems very odd, and even thought I've pointed it at my own folders to use for shelves, it doesn't seem to update when i put new content in them. I'm just wondering if I'm completely missing something here, some paradigm/thought process on it that would make it make more sense? A little illumination here would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Besides acting very strangely when trying to add/remove shelves, would there be some reason that when I reorganize my materials in folder in Windows that SP should be seeing as my default shelf, it doesn't update? This is quite frustrating and eating into some serious work time this morning. Help, please? :)


Out of curiosity, and as a means of doing some seam overpaint to tweak a normal map (and some experimentation...), I sent my layers to Photoshop. Then, collapsed what was there into a single layer and saved it back out as jpg. When I imported that jpg into SP, it came in with this incredibly dark color shift, as though the program was reading the color space of the image wrong. I then tried it in different formats (psd, then tga), all with the same effect. The image is a normal map and looks fine in Photoshop, but every time I import any version of it into SP, there is a huge, darkening color shift. Any ideas on this? It makes some potentially powerful workflows rendered dead in their tracks.

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