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We are actually implementing a proper solution for a future release.
Thank you very much!!!

Yeah, you've achieved similar kind of effect. How can I do something similar to you effect?
I noticed some kind of rectangular shape in your blur. Photoshop zoom blur doesn't have that issue.

I suspect he means photoshop's Radial Blur tool with the Zoom option selected. It can make images look like the camera is moving forwards through space with a slow shutter speed. This would be possible to rebuild in SD, and looking at the inner workings of other blurs like Slope Blur and High Quality Blur would give hints on how to do it. Some of the creators here might have some tricks up their sleeves, too
Yeah, I've talked about Radial Blur tool with Zoom option selected in Photoshop. It's a great tool and I was very surprised that SD doesn't have one!

Hey to everyone!
Substance Designer is such a great tool, but it doesn't have zoom blur like in Photoshop and it makes me sad. I googled it everywhere, but with no particular answer. Is it possible to do similar effect in SD with different functions maybe?

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