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Hello everyone! I wanted to drop a quick line on an ongoing issue I've been having with Painter: all my added user materials disappear from my shelf after I restart Painter (version 1)

I love the use of user submitted material presets, which I frequently drop into my assets when I dont have the time to make my own from scratch. I simply drag and drop these materials onto the shelf and use them when the pop up. As I mentioned above, this is all fine until the next time I open painter and all those loaded materials are gone.

Is dropping them in this way impermanent by design? Is this like a plugins folder where I should be manually adding all these materials to a  folder somewhere for painter to access when it boots up? Any advice appreciated!


Hey Wes,
thanks! Worked just fine. Not sure why, but the more we use painter the less this happens. When it does, we just move on to texture something else and leave that geometry for modo to figure out. Its happening less and less... though its impossible at this point to say what it is. Seems to me clear that this is user error of some kind...

yes, I am positive, and sadly due to NDAs I cant send a sample out. Is there no other reason for this error?

So I've had this little longstanding problem with painter. I keep thinking as I get better I would figure this out... but to no avail.  Any help from someone would would greatly appreciated. When loading a mesh with more than one UV, I get the following error: "[Paint editor] invalid scene, mesh '(meshname)' has no UV coordinates.  There are two objects in the obj file, each object with its own texture map. (Yes everything is mapped correctly)

Even more frustrating... sometimes it works perfectly. Both objects load in the Textures Set List without a problem. Its amazing when it does! Other times nothing loads at all as I get this error. This is on an obj, but when I try an FBX the geometry loads in every time, but the UV maps dont come in at all. I can find no pattern as to why it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

So a few details: I'm using painter 1.7.2 and Modo 902 SP3. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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