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The UVs of the low poly are in the UV space. For the lining up, it does line up in Blender, but I don't know how to check if it's lining up in Painter. I assume it would import it in the same way. I tested this by importing both the low poly and a high poly piece into a separate Blender scene. The picture is a fresh scene with fresh import of both one of the objs and the low poly FBX. For the low poly, all of the pieces are separate meshes that are exported as a single FBX, which from what I understand is the correct way to do it to use the match by name. So I'm not sure.

Substance Painter, version 1.5.0
Build 819 - 04323dc88caa57965286f6e25e6e53964a9cc8dc

How do I share the meshes? The high poly objs are about 50 MB a piece. It's not uploading when I try to add as attachment.

I'm using Painter and its match by name feature to bake my maps. I exported my low poly FBX from Blender, exporting the selected objects only. From ZBrush, I exported each subtool as an Obj, making sure to uncheck the "Grp" part under export setting as detailed in the wiki. I tried using the FBX export from ZBrush, but the export didn't line up with my low poly's origin and scale, so I used Obj export instead. The Obj lined up in Blender right where I wanted it, but I am not sure if maybe it is not lining up in Painter. The result of the normal map bake is a flat black map. i tried adjusting the distance values and I keep getting a black map.

Alright, I've been messing around with it for a bit now but I can't get it to tile seamlessly when I put multiple pieces of the slate roof together. It looks like I will have to go with the original suggestion and just make it its own material separate from the rest. Thank you for the feedback.

I'm working on modular pieces and I have a few pieces in one UV. Is this not an optimal way to do it? Wouldn't making a UV just for a single tiling piece be too costly once they start to add up?

I made a material in Designer and exported it as a Sbsar. When I tried to apply it to a plane that I imported into Painter, the scale was off. Is there a way to find out what numbers to use in the scale factor to have it be 1 instance of the image across the entire plane?

I am confused on what I need to do to bring my texture into substance. I have a single object with 4 different materials (rubber, metal, painted steed, and glass). This created four different texture sets to use. When I export the textures, it exports 4 for each material. The object is a single object with a single UV. If I bring this into Unreal, wouldn't I need to use 4 materials on that one object, making the draw calls unnecessarily high? Is there a benefit to this? For example, would I be able to create material instances from these and does that reduce the draw calls, because from what I saw the draw calls don't go down.

When I bring in a bitmap into bitmap2material, the diffuse output becomes grayscale. I tried bringing in other bitmaps and they all end up changing to grayscale and faded. I posted the original image and the diffuse output that was exported.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Unity5 and Substance
 on: May 01, 2014, 11:53:15 pm 
Does anyone know how to build substances in preparation for the Unity 5 PBS? Should I use the standard metal/roughness layout for compatibility?

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