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Hi there,

the next few days, I want to do some testing-stuff with my new toys:
B2M, SD and SP – thanks for putting them altogether in the “indy package”  :D

I´d like to avoid an unnecessary number of tools and apps in my workflow and I wonder, if SD bake capabilities are “that good”, that it will reduce my usage of xNormal a lot.

Till now, I use xNormal to bake AO and more important – normal maps.
Mainly they will be used within the Unity3D engine. (so “Y” flipped to “–Y”)

For that task, I also use: that bakes out normal maps just the way unity expect them to be (so nothing is inverted or looks wrong, right tangent-space, etc.)

(At the moment, I can´t access my desk, but I am very curious to know answers to some question “in advance”)

Now – is proper “unity” normal export possible within B2M, SD and SP?
Are there know bugs and/or settings, regarding normal maps, that I should know about?

Like B2M and SD4 for example… There is an “DirectX” or “OpenGL” option for normal maps…
Which one to set for unity3d engine (“OpenGL”, I believe?)

Is there a way to set the 3D preview to “unity shader” or “Marmoset Skyshop” (B2M and SP)?


Hehehe - I spend some thoughts on that, too.

Ja, this would be reeeeallllyy awesome! (Yap, me is using Skyshop, too)

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