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Another question (I am a bit confused with, after reading on the forums):

Are we allowed to use all of the shaders, that ship with Painter 2 (including Alpha blending), make use of
opacity and eimissive channel?

Some say "all of painter´s shaders", some say "just PBR metal roughness"...

Please clarify

@elowan Yes, one entry only per contestant can be entered in the contest. Make sure to upload the entry you think has the best chances if you created multiple ones.

hmmm - so the last entry I upload will be taken into account? Was 1900x1200 res the minium or mandatory for the submitted image?

Kind Regards

oh dear--- just one entry??

hmm, if I were allegorithmic, I would allow at least 3 and make a giant "collage" of all entries ;)

hmmm - so I need to find out, what to do now - I already uploaded 3 entries so far...

hmmm, I thought it may ba as well in a larger/higher res.... (I was refering to the image, that will be submitted, not texture sizes)

hmmm, just a bit confused:

is the 1900x1200 resolution a "must" or just a "minimum", like suggested in the video?

And what if I send more than just one entry? (I just realized, only one entry per person is allowed, while I was uploading
my 3rd one... and already got some ideas for a 4th)

because in the contest rules, I read "submit your entries" (which is plural) ;)
I think it´s not aproblem, to submit 3 or 4, right?


Cool ! Are we talking about "visual" baking?


after trying "Toolbag 3" bakers, I get very impressed of this approach (having visual-feedback for high/low poly and cage) plus the abilitiy to "paint out" skewed areas or offsets to the cage and so on. Would really like to have this in SP/SD as well.

In SP for example, you can adjust ray-travel only by numbers, but you have no clue, how the high and low are looking.
You can not preview a cage (or even adjust it?!) and also no painting in areas, that are different or skewed...
One have to prepare everything in 3D app first and then do "blind" bakes in SP/SD, without the possibilitiy of fixing small errors/areas or actually see a result, of what you are adjusting!

I think, it´s a big advantage to have visual feedback for this (and also manual, areal manipulation tools!)

hope you guys implement this soon, would really help improoving baking workflow.


sorry for necro this:

but has the issue been fixed (be it in unity itself or in SP export to Unity5 settings) ?


this feature is the 2nd most wanted in SP (but still 1 year old request)...

All Voting-points spend - let´s hope for the best.

There are drivers for OSX and linux - but API is Windows only? hmmm, this is strange, I agree.
But implementing the windwos API would be a good start, I think :)

I really like the way allegorithmic products are and support is the best, I´ve ever experienced... this is, why I am so baffled about not beeing able to use another fantastic tool - the 3D mouse.

Wooot? how can this be?!
there is an API on the connexion website, can not be too hard...

Even chrome browser and outlook supporting it ;)

I hope you get this is quick, I can not believe it is not working :(

Very disappointing... the 1st time since I bought into Allegorithmic software (a few year ago, now)


I thought, 3D Mouse support was implemented in Painter some time ago.. today I got a 3D mouse (3Dconnexion Space mouse pro) for testing... unfortunatly, 3D viewport in Sp can only be zoomed in/out, but no rotate, pan or tilt :(

Is this feature missing in SP or do I have to activate it somehow???


hmmmmm, I got MODO Indie 10 (steam) and also got the plugin installed. Is the plugin also auto-updated or do I need to download this via allegorithmic website?


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