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Nice work! Do you mind to share some info on the "faked paint brush strokes"?
I was going to try something in this direction, too.


Aaaah, I expected this, tbh ;)

ok, thanks!

Ok - so I have to export every material´s tx and re-import into SD, then again save as new material...

Would be cool, if you guys develop some compatibility between SP and SD, so exchanging materials will be more

kind regards

.. like the title says:

If I create a material in SP and save this to shelf, for use in other projects - can I use this material in SD, too?
I do not mean "smart material", but the "normal" ones...


hi there,

SP is going to re-calculate strokes, if you switch the tx-resolution - like going from 1K to 4K.

but does this work for "premade" aka imported textures, as well? Like you import a 1k res albedo-tx and apply
it to the color-slot of a fill layer... then set the tx-resolution from 1k to 4k - will the imported albedo-tx also be
re-calculated, or will this only be upscaled, like it would in 2D image software?


From my experience, "hiding" seams using materials + triplanar usually works. BUT as soon as you use (procedual)masks, aka dust, dirt, grime, you name it - the noises will generate seams at UV islands - so you will notice seams, no matter if you use tri-planar or not. :(

I wish, there was a way to avoid this somehow - you can not allways hide seams, like on object-parts that got most of surfaces visible...

Sure - you can just "clone-stamp" and try to paint over seams by hand, but it´s time consuming. Or if you can use a material without a mask-fx, you should be fine.

hahaha - he was my inspiration for this :)

thanks for commenting


I just missed to add my Meet MAT´s here, on the forum.

So here you got my complete collection: 

this one was my entry Meet MAT - "FutureMAT"

my 1st idea was Meet MAT - "MAD-D-VA W.I.P."

followed by Meet MAT - "MAD-D-VA Game over!"

then came along Meet MAT - "IRONMAT MK-I" 

and his follow up Meet MAT - "IRONMAT MK-II"

...and finally another concept, i was working on Meet MAT - the Speed MAT W.I.P

that´s all folks...


hi there,

given the new licensing and such, I´d really love to see some roadmap for Painter... like when we´ll see "merge texture-sets" or "navigate with connexion´s 3D mouse" and so on and so on...

please communitcate a bit more, like you guys did in the past!


just a bit confused - you mean baking normal map from high or low-poly again? how you get the newly sculpted normal information into this bake?


must have overlooked this, or they added this information, like they did with some otherexplainations, recently.


At what time ends the contest? Is it today @ 0:00 (for me, tomorrow is the 11th may) or tomorrow at 0:00 (like when may 11th ends)? What timezone is taking into account for the deadline?

I´ve started with 3 meet-mats but I think my 4th one will be "the one to submit" - but now, time may gets into the way, I guess

best regards

hi there,

I think this new "payment plan" is not much different, to the old one.
In fact, it´seems to be a bit more in favor for the customers. So it´s a good thing.

But - to make this work as advertised, I think a roadmap, that will plot out the upcoming updates/changes/new features is mandatory. Would be a good move, anyways (even if licensing would not have changed), so users could see, what´s next.

No need for sharp release dates - but at least something around "plusminus" a few weeks will do.


*rant on* hmmm, this thing starts to feel more restictive, than fun to me... I mean - why no opacity channel/shader???
why only 1 entry??? this is beyond me, sorry! *rant off*

This would allready disquallify at least a hand full of entries, I´ve seen so far... including mine.

Ok, so I need to re-work this to get at least 1 valid entry on the way!


Another question (I am a bit confused with, after reading on the forums):

Are we allowed to use all of the shaders, that ship with Painter 2 (including Alpha blending), make use of
opacity and eimissive channel?

Some say "all of painter´s shaders", some say "just PBR metal roughness"...

Please clarify

Just basic shader. No opacity.

@Jeremie Noguer can you confirm this statement???

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