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hi there,

I tried the Fix for the Source-Issue, but it does not work for "old" painter 2017.3.3 - it say´s on th elog, a higher API 1.112 or something is needed... is there a way to get a fix for non 2018 painter versions, please?


hi there,

I followed the steps to change / add a registry value, regarding TDR - the value is there, I rebooted twice, but Painter is still complaining... what is wrong?

Best, Elo

Sorry, I was using Painter 2.6.3, not 2017 when this issue arises!

Should I still use this fix?

Thanks Jeremie !

I still use Painter 2017.3.3 (waiting for a Sale to upgrade)  ;) I am not sure about the log-file. I don´t think, I got any errors, but will check it.

Looks like it´s getting somewhere :) Thank you so much for putting me on the right track, Vincent!

Will post the final result, when it´s done!


I baked a normal map from a highpoly, that has beveld/rounded edges. The lowpoly has just a hard, sharp edge.
Now, in the Painter viewport the lowpoly looks like the highpoly, aka edges are smooth and rounded without any
errors or "black lines" on the very edges.

when switching to iRay mode, all edges get visible seams, "black lines" on the edges and are not rendered round anymore.

is this a common issue and can it be avoided / corrected?


hello Vincent,

this souds/looks great! I will test your suggestion and see, if it works for my project!

Thanks a lot for your reply!

Anybody? Clues? Directions? Ideas?

Or is this just not possible in Designer?

If not, then I think I´ll do it manually (like putting together some tiles and texture them individually and make a floor out of it and maybe bake everything onto a plane and make it tile with B2M


it´s been a (long) while for me, with Designer - now I need to create a floor of granite tiles, but don´t know where to start.
I got 4 different colored granite textures, produced from a substance and I got the brick generator setup to the pattern, I wanted... now - how to do this exactly?

How can I bring them together, so the generator does tiles with the four colors, in a random order?

Any help is welcome!

Oh wow, must have overlooked it!
I think, the steam-summer-sale did not affect the "non-steam-bound-licenses", correct?

That´s a pitty - so no new Painter for me - the wait goes on. I was asking/looking for a sale, because not long ago, I got a survey from Allegorithmic, asking why I am not on the latest painter version...

Allegorithmic was very open about upcoming sales, updates, roadmaps and such... seems, like their politic has changed recently.


I want to upgrade to the latest version of painter and usually, there was a summer-sale around this time... but no discounts, yet. Do you guys not planning a sale this year? (I do not mean summer sale on steam, I mean at your own shop)


Content - Substance Source - Points and older SD/SP Versions
 on: January 04, 2018, 09:03:46 am 
hi there,

I got SD 5.x and SP 2017.3.3 as my latest versions and also plenty of points left to spent on items on the source website. Now - will ALL items on this site work with my SD/SP versions? How can I make sure, before spending points, only to see that things might not be working / not combatible?

kind Regards

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Re: Explosives Set
 on: July 25, 2017, 09:11:23 am 
+1 for the cake comparison! this was a thing, that I saw instantly - because the other assets were done so well  ;)

The rope on the crate intersects the crate too harsh. maybe consider to punch a hole thru the crate and make knots
to the end of the rope´s sides.

maybe add a few polys to the fuse, it´s a bit too "edgy" in comparison to the other assets (if your poly-budges allows for it, of course)

The rest 99% is spot on, looks like taken from the latest Tomb Raider title or something like that. I totally like the ´nades and the "electonic circuit timer thing".

Thank you  ;)

Aaahh, yes - I think I remember this guide ;)

Thanks for pointing it out!

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