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hello Nicolas,

thanks a lot fo rthe heads-up! this is the kind of communication, I´d expect from allegorithmic!

Glad to hear, the development goes well! So I hope to get my hands on the beta, soon :)

btw. thanks to allegorithmic for BF Sale (even for upgrades) - was waiting all year for it and more than happy to have an up-to-date Painter experience, now !


Hm. This better be good once it comes out. The way we were let to believe, we were going to be part of the beta only to get radio silence ever since, except for all those teasing beta tester posts on Twitter, is beyond frustrating. Next time simply do a closed beta, where you contact your beta testers of choice in private, without letting anybody know you've got something cooking. That way no one gets frustrated. As classy as I think Allegorithmic is handling things in general, I feel you guys dropped the ball this time. Not classy, no sirs. Not classy at all.


yes, I think there was kind of a change with allegorithmic in comparison to a year ago. their communication is lacking, forum is going quieter and updates are less frequent.

I was hoping to get a beta invite, as a day one Painter adopter and SD/B2M user. would have been really usefull to have it - but no. Instead, I switched to Quixel Mixer (at least until Alchemist finally comes out) to have at least some way to mix materials and do this kind of stuff. Maybe I will also look around for the NVIDIA tools for upscaling stuff, because I need to have this, yesterday.

an update to the status of beta would be fine - like how long will it continue to be a closed/private beta? will there be an open beta, as well? is there a release date for v1.0?

a) Looks great!   :)

Thank you, Sir!

b) See notes in my signature about attaching images.  The "drag-and-drop" method should make a scaled-down version of the picture appear in your post, but will let us click on it to view the full-res version.

Wow, good to know! I hope, I´ll remember this! Normally, the forum should be working without people posting "how to post images" notes in their signature ;) At least the forum should come up with "too large" "Too much MB" or a message like that, instead of just doing.. nothing ;)


I wanted to post an image (1440p) - but it seems, this forum does not support such size.

So here is the scaled down version of it:

Thanks - I installed it and Painter still works - so I think it all went o.k. ;)

Dont know why - but now Painter does not complain anymore and takes the mesh, like it should... strange but true :)

Thank you Justawiking!

The problem was in front of the PC - I forgot to set "TdrDdiDelay" as well ;)

Now no more warnings, when fireing up SP :D


Painter 2017.3.3 is complains about:

[Scene 3D] [FBX] : Mesh normals are invalid (some values are null) and will be recomputed

Normals are fine in MODO and Blender. What´s the catch? Does Painter not support FBX2018 smoothing / vertex stuff like hard-edges? (I used the Vertex-Toolkit in MODO to setup hard edges)

edit: here is a screenshot from blender, with normals visible

Hey Jeremy,

still not working, the log produces "[Script] :80: FileIOError: Write failed" endlessly!

Sorry for the confusion - the problem arised on a Painter 2.6.3 project (that I have no access to anymore). I tried something similar in the 2017.3.3 release and did not get this issue. But like I said, it was not the exact same project, so .... Do I need to install this fix for Painter 2017.3.3 or is it not neccessary, because 2017 brings the fix "out of the box"?

I dont want to try and destroy my Painter, this is, why I ask !

Best Regards,

I DL from the page, suggested in this topic,24422.0.html, made by you ;)

Ok, now I see, there is a different version, in the Link you postet above!


hmmm, maybe try to re-calculate the normals in your 3D app and then triangulate the meshes, before exporting

Ok, will put up some renders soon - got the material finalized, now!

I went with "Color to Mask", instead of the "Histogram Select" node because I found it easier/quicker, without having to use sliders to catch the right values.

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