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I love it  ;D The headlights are my favorite part .The whole ambiance is spot on.

Great job you may have won already.

I love it.I think the logo placement is so readable and polished looking.Great job.


This looks great your entry is a top contender .Kudos

Thanks this one is turning out to be really fun.

So I'm have fun with this one I decided to be as outrageous as i can be with the design. Is not 100 percent at all so that it with a grain of salt.
Its true about what everyone is saying about the environment map so I change i for these screen shots I put the other on back is i submit for the contest.

Hey I'm just having fun. I am working on 2 designs right now one is inspired by a vinyl wrapped drifter racing car. The other design I'm attempting to imitate a fancy candy paint job of a lowrider show car.

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