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Would be nice!


Cool, thanks for sharing that.



Allegorithmic really has the best licensing policies, I love Substance Live!


It looks like I am going to be having 2 computers soon a laptop and a tablet PC, and was wondering if I can use my license for both of them?

Looks like my Razer Blade Pro is going back for repairs again...

So I decided to spend the cash I had squirreled away for the MS HoloLens Dev Kit on a Cintiq Companion 2 instead.

So I should be able to tell you how well it works with Substance Designer in a week or so, though I am more excited to try it out with Substance Painter.


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Re: Python scripting
 on: November 04, 2015, 01:52:04 pm 

I am not a big fan of Python scripting, I actually prefer C#, but if there was a way for us to script custom nodes, I would be so happy!


A switch in programming can select from many cases.


You might be right Fabian.

But tablet computers are there own strange beasts, the smaller size limits the amount of hardware that can be creamed into them. So there never quite as powerful as a laptop of smaller cost.

The Cintiq Companion 2 has a quad HD screen so its higher res then my 17in Razer Blade Pro. Its like 3.5 pounds to the Razers 7.5 pounds. They have about the same battery life, hell if I try to play a game like the Witcher 3 the battery realy only lasts about an hour.

The major advantage the Cintiq Companion 2 has is that its got a Wacom Intuos tablet sensor built in, witch is hands down the best stylist input an artist can get.

It is comparable to the Microsoft Surface, but the Surface lacks the Wacom Intuos resolution, tilt, rotation, and presser sensitivity.

I used to do a lot of zBrush work (but then I got into Substance Designer, lol) and as a security guard that means I have to drag my Intuos tablet along with my laptop and set up a tentacle cord monster that can take over any desk just to do some sculpts while at work. (My job is like 95% sit there and do what ever I want, while occasionally filing out a report or pressing a button to let people into the building.) Though my computer set up is wicked powerful its far from convenient and not as mobile as having all that hardware in 1 slim device.

In hinge sight I would gladly trade off some of the power for portability and comfort. That's why I really think the Companion 2 is an ideal tablet computer for an artist that wants to kick back on there couch and just relax and be creative.


A switch node to use in function creation would be nice.


Then behold the god of tablet computers:

I wish that I had gotten the Cintiq Companion 2 instead of the Razer Blade Pro, but the Razer dus have a monster GPU so its wicked fast at things you need a graphics card for...


Will this fix the edge blurring in the FX-Map node to?

I agree, get your self a descent Blue Tooth or Wireless Mouse to use with your new laptop. You'll be happy you have the options to work in whatever way feels best to you.

Though I would warn you not to getting a Razer Blade Pro my brand new one has been nothing but problems and serous hardware failures. Its been sent back for replacement parts twice now and has coasted me well over a month of lost productivity...


A node to sample the Size of Input Images used in functions, would be nice?

Here is a related thread:



Yah that's exactly what I have been doing, manually entering the width and height of Input Images...

I had hoped there was some way get the size of them because it makes the exposed interface of the substance I am working on much less friendly and really limits the random nature of input image selection.

Guess I can add it to my ever growing wish list for new features.

Thanks again everyone for trying to help me out.


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