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Try projecting some text onto your mesh with the TriPlanar node if you want to see what its really doing, everything will be upside down inside out and backwards...

The TriPlaner node only really seams to be useful for spattering random nose like dirt/poop across seams any thing with a pattern that can be recognized will look really fucked up.

You can reference the TriPlaner node and see how it works, based on its pixel processor logic I was abele to create something that works a bit cleaner but never finished it. So you could always try to make it better for your needs.

Instead I decided it would be easer to use masks and layout my UVs in such away that the seams where not as visible.

Sorry man its just not as simple as Wes made it look, works grate with random spatter though.


I don't know if this is related, but it might help.

I have been rebuilding this substance from scratch and trying to avoid the file corruption and crashing that I was getting with the last version. When I discovered the file crashing ad corruption seams to be linked to a complexity level and not so much what I thought was a killer node. This totally new project started doing the same thing and it doesn't even have my distance node in!

I also discovered that I can use Dropbox to restore a previous version of the project a few mints before the corruption occurred and often keep on working past the point where Substance designer crashed last time.

I am not sure what's cosign it this time it was adding a multiplication node, but if I roll the file back in time to just before the crash I can often keep on working adding the multiplication node back in wont crash Substance Designer the second time around...

The crashing and subsequent file corruption seams to be more related to the length of time I have been working with nested nodes then it dus with any 1 specific node.

I literally have been using SD non stop all night every night for months. This crash seams to happen more when I am working with FX-Maps nested in other graphs and always happens when I am editing functions.

Hope that observation helps.

Thanks for looking in to this, I love SD and it makes me happy to know you all are working hard to make it better!


Cool... Thanks!


So if I connect say 3 different sections of a graph to a Multi Switch node and select 1 of them. Dus the substance still calculate the other 2 branches that where not selected?

Thanks for your help.


Cool thanks that's what I thought.

Going to check my math now, think I screwed something up last night... lol


Hey you know the Output Size sliders at the top of the property's for every node?

Usably reads something like Width 4 = 16 pixels or Height 7 = 128 pixels and so on.

Do you know what the math is behind that?

Thanks for your help.


Yah it looks amazing! Pleas tell us your secrets?


Sure thing I will zip up my sandbox and send it to you.

I really love Substance Designer, and I am glad to help out in any way that I can.

My project files are located on the C drive witch is a 512 SSD in My Documents / Dropbox folder that I use to keep project files synchronized between computers.

Thanks for your all your help.



Edit: I am using the Substance Live program from your web site, so I be leave that's a standalone .exe

This took me hours to track down, check this weirdness out!

Ok I made a function to give me the distance between 2 points (float2) it works brilliantly I am using it all over the place and have used it in past Substances with no problems.

You can see my distance function in the first image. (I had to Attach the images cuz the Insert Image button on your form "all the buttons" don't work in Windows 10 Microsoft Edge web browser.)

Second image is my distance node/function being used in a graph (it works great). But try and remove it from your graph in anyway, delete, disconnect, or cut it out and Substance Designer stops updating and then shortly after becomes totally unresponsive and eventually crashes...

But wait it gets weirder if you save after removing this node in hopes SD will work ok after you restart it... It still becomes unresponsive shortly after reopening the file and eventually crashes...

If I quickly navigate back to the graph in question and add my distance node back into the graph and reconnect it, then save before SD crashes, the next time I reopen the file everything is ok again... SD works and my substance works normally except that I cant remove, disconnect, or substitute that node or the crashing and corruption starts all over aging!

This has been an extremely frustrating bug to track down because as I have previously reported SD 5.3.3 doesn't actually completely close when you exist the application its still running in the back ground and you have to use the Task Manager to stop it so that you can reopen SD... yah I latterly had to do that hundreds of times as I walked threw the problem trying to figure out what the hell was going wrong.

Sorry about dumping 3 problems on you all at once, but this doesn't look like something I can fix.

I am going to try rebuilding the graph from scratch excluding my killer node but that will take some time its a fairly large/complex substance so this is going to take a long time to try and remove it that way lol.

Thanks for looking into.


Hey Ander

I have been working on something for my own project that might help you out.

Its not really ready yet but I will post it on the Substance Share once its less of a hot mess.

The premise is that you can calculate a list of instructions, store them as colored pixels and then draw a complex line with different segments (images).

Check out the images I have attached, I am working my little tail off on this so when its all good I will post it with some examples.


The Pen still works like a mouse in Substance Designer, so its serviceable, but touches and gestures don't seam to work.

On a side note the Surface Pen though its pressure sensitivity is improving is still fairly low res and slow strokes can result in a stepping pattern. If your looking to use zBrush you might also want to consider the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 its Pen is much higher rez and it has 10 fully programmable buttons so you can sculpt while pressing modifier buttons like 'Shift' for smoothing and so on, its worth a look:


This is totally a selfish request, but I just got a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 and upgraded the operating system to Windows 10... and well you would be surprised how few applications support all the new Pen/Touch/Gesture user input. With the apps that do windows 10 is freaken sweet! Unfortunately my favorite Substance Designer dus not support any of cool pinch/zoom/pan/tap gestures that make for such a smooth experience in other apps like Photoshop. It would be nice to have some of the new windows 10 input features in SD, but not necessary, just really nice.



My first impressions of the Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 (i7 512 GB) with Substance Designer:

First off let me say its a really nice tablet computer, but it might not provide you with a superior SD experience.

Absolutely stunning 13.3 inch display QHD (2560 x 1440) everything looks amazing! Lots of space to work with.

It has 10 fully programmable buttons! This is such a huge boon when compared to other tablet PCs like the MS Surface witch have nun! You will need them when working without a keyboard!

You can also program custom on screen menus/pie menus witch is very helpful.

The Pro Pen is incredibly responsive, and even more so after you tweak some windows settings! (Amazing in Substance Painter, Photoshop, and zBrush!)

Can be used as a Cintiq tablet display with your other computers! This is way cool cuz I have a Razer Blade Pro (when its working ><) that has a crazy fast GPU so I can team them up and really push some serious pixels when I can get them together!

Its pretty light weight about 3.5 ponds very comfortable to use.

The cooling fan is no where near as load as all the complainers think it is. I am pretty sure they have never used a gaming laptop lol.

The QHD screen makes the SD user interface teensy. This can make the Pen/Touch screen a bit hard to use.

It will take some time to get the buttons/pen/menus/gestures customized for SD. (I am still working on it.)

It doesn't come with a keyboard. This sucks cuz in SD you'll be pressing Spacebar and then typing the name of the node you want all the time. That sad this is the biggest flaw with using a tablet computer for SD! You can get a Bluetooth keyboard but now its become difficult to just kick it on your couch and play with SD.

SD doesn't have any support for touch gestures... this means no pinch zoom, no touch pan, and so on. You will have to program one of the buttons on the pen or tablet to simulate a middle mouse click just to navigate your graphs.

Apparently the factory screen finish is nice makes it feel like drawing on paper but it can be easily scratched with the pen, so you might want to order and apply a screen protector before using it.

So far I think its a really great tablet computer, and I am sure the more time that I spend customizing it for use with SD the better the experience will get. But where the Companion really shines is programs like SP, and its pretty fun to use once you have customized it a little and are getting familiar with some of the more obscure hotkey mouse combos for your art programs.

You will probably also want a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard when using SD on a tablet computer, other then that its pretty awesome!


Ah... cool that fixed it. Thanks for the helpful answer.

But why premultiply the image?


So it would seam that the FX-Map changes the RGB color values if the Alpha channel is anything other then 1!

Check out the Red value in the first print screen its 255 / 1 and the Alpha is also 255 / 1

Now check out the second print screen, the Red value has been changed 127 / 0.498 along with the Alpha 127 / 0.498

Note that the Float 4 Red value is still 1 and only the Alpha value has been changed to 0.5 this Float 4 is plugged directly into the Color / Luminosity property.

So why is the Alpha also changing the RGB values! This has been totally messing up my colors, and its taken hours to track it down... I have tried changing blending modes and other properties in the FX-Map and its parent nodes to solve this but no such luck.

Any ideas, is this a bug?

Thanks for your help.


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