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I love the Pixel Processer node, but it seams every time that I set out to do something cool with it, I come up short...

Cant loop.
Cant sample an area from an input image.
Cant print to a pixel at a specified location.
Cant store information in a variable to use in subsequent pixels.
And so on...

After great frustration and days of trying to out clever the limitations of the Pixel Processer graphs, I fined my self getting stuck on little things that feel like they should be simple, only if we had just a few more nodes with witch to manipulate the data...

Graph editors aside, if there where a way for us to script custom nodes we could extend the functionality and make more cool nodes to share with the community.

Thanks for considering my requests, I really love SD even though nothing I have tried to make has really worked out... yet! I will keep trying and excitedly waiting for new features.


I would love to see an example or video tutorial that explains how the Starry Night image was made?

I understand how flow maps work with the Fx-Map thanks to this tutorial:

But it looks like the Starry Night image was created with the Pixel Processor or some other method using a flow map.

So I am really struggling to recreate an effect that I thought would be simpler to make with Substance Designer because of all the images/videos of Starry Night used on Allegorithmic/YouTube.

Not to mention the above tutorial that shows the Starry Night image but duz not actually show you how to make a similar effect...

Thanks for considering showing us all how the Starry Night image was really created with Substance Designer.

That would be an AWESOME tutorial!



How would you go about creating a fractal tree patter in Substance Designer?


I am having a heck of a time getting my first substance to work properly with transparency.

In Scetchfab and in Unity5 with the standard shader set to transparent the iris seams to be drawing on top of the cornea:

Not sure how to fix this yet, but I am trying, if you have any ideas pleas let me know I would relay appreciate it.




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