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How do we purchase maintenance? When I log into my account, I don't see an option for updating my maintenance.

Thank you

In stead of trying to delete this thread, why don't you share how you solved the problem? It might be beneficial for someone else if they find this thread.

Have you tried the Geforce driver?

Have you updated the Nvidia driver. It looks like you have an older version.

The third pinned thread in this part of the forum gives information about requesting help for license issues.,23932.0.html

Not sure what's up. I have a notebook with a 1060 and the latest driver from the Nvidia site installed (445.87) and It comes up just fine here.

You should attach a log file for the Alleghorithmic folks to look at.

Also, silly question not meant to insult, you updated the driver from the Nvidia site, not the Dell site, right?

Well, you don't mention the driver for your video card. Is it up to date? If not, go to and update the driver.

Well, I believe the minimum recommended video memory is 2GB and a GTX 570 doesn't have that much. Do you at least have up to date drivers?

Have you updated the Nvidia drivers?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Stencils not clear
 on: March 26, 2020, 09:29:28 pm 
Is it possible that the polygon(s) for the stencil are stretched in the UV map?

Also, how small is that area on the UV map? You might not have enough pixels to have it come out clearly.

Are you sure that the UV island is entirely inside the 0-1 space? It looks really close to the edges, make sure it isn't over the edge.

It works fine here, but I'm on Win 10 and a much newer video card. I'm not a Mac guy. Do you have the latest video drivers installed?

Someone else needs to interpret your log file for a real accurate interpretation. I see "780M" which is kinda old for a video card. I also see "Number of detected GPU devices: 0" in the log file. That makes me think that Painter is not really detecting your video card. Is there a setting in MacOS to tell it to use the 780M?

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