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Is there a way to convert existing SP Smart Materials for use in designer?
SP got some good new ones in the latest releases, and i want to develop/modify materials based off of them, but to do that i'd have to manually rebuild them in Designer, copying all the values and structure of the "nodes" in SP - constantly switching back and forth. It's trivial work but time consuming. There has to be a better way?

Hello Luc,
there was a material applied. It is pitch black no matter what material or color is applied (with environment exposure all the way down and point lights enabled and at maximum intensity).
Other people seem to have the same problem,13517.0.html

Nvm - i found it. It is available when switching to preview mode (Last button in input parameters line)

Small question: How do i add a material preset selector to my materials/ How do i remove it?
I copied the graph of a substance as a template for some tests and i noticed that the preset selector is still there for example, even though i removed most input parameters of the original. I haven't noticed any option in the graphs setting to remove or add anything to this preset selector thingy - but maybe i'm missing something?

I have the same problem, created a topic here:
For me the point lights are simply dysfunctional (nonexistant, despite enabled), but the light from the environment map can still be manipulated

Oh i thought the ambient would control light coming from the environment. Didn't know they are separate things.
When i set env map exposure to -10 i get a pitch black scene, no light whatsoever from the point light

The environment displays and rotates ok. The light from the environment goes along with it.

But the point lights do not work whatsoever. And changing the ambient light settings doesn't do anything either.
The p1 light is enabled, red, intensity 10 in the settings:

When i'm viewing my material in the 3D window in designer i can rotate the camera ok, but there is no way to do anything to the light, it remains static. I added the light debug display, and the line is rotating alright but nothing happens with the actual light... I have ambient + point1+point 2 enabled. Also enabled/disabled them, changed intensity -> no effect. Tried different materials and environments and shaders, light remains static. I reset everything there was to reset in the 3D window, no sauce. What's wrong? I know it worked a few months ago when i used designer last ?

I just updated to 2018.1.1 but i don't remember if that was what caused it...

I have made multiple different trims. All have the same width (2048px) but heigth resolution  may differ (32, 64, etc). I want to combine multiple of them into a single square texture, pixel correct. Is there an efficient way to do this non-destructively?

I tried to start with transform2D, but it is extremely tedious to adjust every single matrix and offset so it is pixel correct, as the offset and matrix all revolve around center of the image.

for understanding here a concept of the idea

The individual trims/border lines are multi use, they are different styles/materials. So whenever one material changes this catalog/atlas needs to be updated -> doing it destructively is out of question.

Would it be possible to get an answer to this issue? Is it a bug, lack of functionality, or something else?
My trial time is running out and i would not want to buy a tool that does not work properly on my system.

Yes, the path is of course on another hard drive (Substance+ system install on SSD,  library with stuff and assets on HDD)
Log is here
(procedure of opening SP and choosing "start painting" on the default sample manequin). Or should i make a log where i set up the extra shelf location?

Hello, i have SP installed on an SSD. I dont want to store substances, textures etc on it because of limited space. So i defined an extra Shelf location in Preferences -> Shelf. After restart the definition is still there but it does not load any of the substances/files that are in that location.

How do i automatically load stuff into SP from a custom location, not the default user-profile location?

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