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I think the alpha offset should be +0.5 not -0.5 because the exported map from substance painter is black in the alpha 0 value and in maya black means object must be pushed in so I think offset +0.5 will push the black to 0 value. And I tried it and it was working better than -0.5.

I think you should disable Opaque option in Maya object properties.

Sorry for delay.
I can't open the log file because after opening the file Substance becomes not responding, and I can't export the log file.
I think there is some problem with substance, I build a car in Maya and export it to substance which was a heavy model but I did the painting and I got into the problem which I told you before, So I decided to split the model to smaller part such as body, engine, chassis and export them again to substance instead of a heavy one piece of geometry. Now what is a problem here! My first project with heavy mesh with some painting layers has 3.7 gigabyte size, but one of the part which I split has more than 4.3 gigabyte size and I have only one layer of painting :|

I have 3.22 Gigabyte file and I can't open the project anymore.Substance can't load it.  :-[ :-[ :-[
What should I do, please help me with this.

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