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The newest patch seems to have screwed things up.
I've already reported the bug via the documentation page, but I attached my crash log to this post as well.
SD 5.3.5 in OSX 10.11.2 for me

The substance is calculated when it is loaded the first time I think, so once it is loaded and no variables are changed the substance should stay loaded. Once you change something it needs to recalculate from the first affected spot, so try to leave the expensive noise nodes unchanged and put them early in your substance.

I could be wrong though, so no guarantees.

Check my fx-node example out, should contain everything you need:;topic=839.0;attach=805

The Unity Asset Store seems to be the best solution for selling finished substance materials, indeed.

A platform to share and sell the "ingredients" for substances would be much appreciated.

So is this unclear at the moment and will be internally discussed or is there an answer?

I am currently considering upgrading to a commercial license to start selling my creations, however, I am unsure about the places I am actually able to sell them.

The best places for selling seem to be the allegorithmic substance database and turbosquid.

However, I plan to make a lot of base components (already did some), e.g. custom noises, functions, etc. and I think the allegorithmic database would fit better than turbosquid for this.

What options do commercial license users have to upload to the database instead of selling their work on turbosquid?

If there is an option to upload to the database:
- what sale revenue percentage does allegorithmic take for hosting the service?
- what steps were taken to render the substances with all the maps, is the preview mesh available somehow?
- what quality restrictions are in place?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Re: More Shaders
 on: February 12, 2014, 12:12:37 am 
when I try to load your shader I get an "implicit cast int to vec4" error.

Ha I got it to work!  :D 8)

The .sbs is in the attachement, brick_row_4 is commented.

Input parameters are:
- rows
- start columns
- additional bricks per row
- size (to scale the empty spaces between the bricks)

In the example I've uploaded the rows are calculated by dividing the number with the amount of squares per row (start_columns) at the start of the functions.

"Base Offset = 0.5 - (width * 0.5)"
This is used to place the square at a corner to make the offset calculations easier.

Thanks for the example, this also clarifies the use of a sequence node.

I guess I will have another shot at it tomorrow.
(one iterate node for the rows and one iterate node for the columns  + some global variables for current square size and vertical offset)

Maybe I will make a fx-node function tutorial series in the future explaining some of my graphs in detail.

I have posted a "Tutorial" thread in "Product Support" watch the Pod-tutorial (simply watch all as a good start) that covers exactly how to use optional overlays.

Interesting, I've now understood how to "Set" a local variable within a function, however, I am unable to make it global (or inheritable) within the FX-Node.

An example just for that would be really helpful.

I am also still wondering what to do with the output connector of the "Set" node.

It would be easy if there were for-loops available.
It would be easy if you could use multiple $numbers from different iteration notes.
It would be possible if there was a way to save a value somehow (the reason for my thread about how to use the "Set" node).

I am only able to make the spacing between the bricks relative to their size in the direction the bricks stay the same size.

Right now I think this is as far as I can get:

Using stacked iteration nodes should give their children the ability to use $number, $number_1, $number_2 ... as values in the function graphs.

I want to have a variable in a function that I can set to a value based on the graph's output.

How do I achieve this?

How do I use the "Set" node?

I also want to link my steam version to my account here and I made 2 screenshots as proof, however, I am not able to attach images neither to PMs nor in the email interface provided by the forums.
I also do not want to upload these images elsewhere and link them.

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