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Hi all,

I'm trying to add freckles to person of darken skin using the skin freckles but there is a pink hase from a Caucasian skin tone. How do chance the skin tone? i don't see an option for that.

I tried multiply, darken and over lay but i loos some details and color variation.


Thank you so much for your informative response and test! This is very helpful. I have a FBX _low & _High with all my parts properly named and materials assigned to them. Now, after baking assets for the armor, that it is best to break down all the separate armor parts. Shoulder pad_01_low ..pad_02_low etc. So i don't get any bad projections. I have adjusted the distance but i still get a little artifacts.

Separate question. How can I give the body an SSS material separate from the armor?

Hello there,

So I'm new to substance painter and I need some advice on a work flow. I have a character I'm working on, a gladiator. I have the armor, leather and bandages, body, eyes, & mouth all separate. low and HIGH OBJs

My question is do I work on them individually or do I group them into one FBX/OBJ and work on them that way.

Whats the best way of going about this? any help would be great.

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