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Content - Substance Share - Crash when using Material
 on: April 15, 2017, 03:24:52 am 
Hi, I'm trying to use these 3 materials (I don't need all 3, but I have downloaded them so I can test which one fits better), but whenever I try to use them my Substance Painter 2 crashes, these are the materials:

I managed to fix it. I was using a laptop to open the projects, so I decided to remove the battery for a few minutes and then reconnect it. When I booted the computer up it was fine again.
I still can't use those materials I downloaded from Share, but I can open any project now without problems.
The problem related to crashing is fixed when opening a project, I just need help in regard to the materials I downloaded:

I've just uploaded the log and dxdiag.
When I tried reinstalling SP2 I deleted the whole Substance Painter 2 folder from Documents and the whole Allegorithmic folder from Program Files.
Now, some of the projects make use of smart materials I downloaded from Share and that I didn't have any problems with before. I've tried opening the projects without adding those smart materials to the shelf and they appear to be fine visually, the problem is that they crash before finishing loading. I have also tried adding those smart materials to the shelf and then opening the project, but SP2 still crashes. Note that those are the materials and smart materials I had no problem with before. The ones I couldn't use at all I haven't even tried adding to the shelf and they are not present in any of the projects, as SP2 would just crash when I tried opening them.
I'm on Windows 10 x64 and I haven't downloaded the Creators update yet, if it's any good information.

Hi, I have been having problems with SP2 for the last two days and I'm all out of ideas of what to do.
All projects were created on the same version of SP2 I'm using at the moment and I wasn't having any problems with the projects before. I also did not modify them, neither did I modify my computer (well, except for W10 updates, but even then some of the projects were created after I updated).

It all started when I downloaded a few Materials and Smart Materials from the Share Website, what I'm used to do with no problems whatsoever, but whenever I tried to use some of the materials SP2 would just crash. I searched a bit and found something related to TDR, thought I'd might give it a try and set it up to 60 for a value. The problem is that now my projects don't open at all (they would open fine before, I just couldn't use certain materials I had just downloaded on Share). Also, it's not just projects I tried using the materials on, some of my older projects that I haven't touched in weeks are also crashing when opening.
The odd thing is that the project opens, the mesh and maps/layers appear, I can see the model as if it was fully rendered, the red loading bar though is really slow and, before it finishes, SP2 crashes.

I've tried reinstalling SP2 and it didn't work. I don't really understand what is happening, seeing as some of the projects are still opening fine (way older projects made on different versions of SP2, some newer than that, some that require more computing than the others that are failing to open, even), like the Hydrant sample. While some that are even very simple projects are crashing. I have just now, tried opening the Sphere Sample and it crashed at first, I tried reopening SP2 so I could export the log and it worked fine. I also noticed I can't export the log, since Windows only gives me the option to Debug using Visual Studio debugger or to close the program and I can't click anything on the background. I've tried using compatibility mode set to Windows 8 and it did not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

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