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Glad to have the plugin back in my 2018.3 project.

Don't know if this is the place to report bugs, but every time I exit play mode, a null reference exception appears in the console:
Code: [Select]
NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
Substance.Game.NativeCallbacks.DisableScripts () (at <4d83584dfe7c4e0d9d1b5ec79410fc6c>:0)
Substance.Editor.EntryPoint.StateChange (UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange state) (at <ea810960b57e457690325c90558fa06d>:0)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_PlayModeStateChanged (UnityEditor.PlayModeStateChange state) (at C:/buildslave/unity/build/Editor/Mono/EditorApplication.cs:302)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr) (at ?)

Also, I would really like to be able to put the plugin in a folder besides the root Assets directory. It's a bit frustrating when you've got an organizational system to keep directory clutter to a minimum and then a plugin demands that it must sit at the root directory :/


Hey @me_41 ,

How are you able to reproduce this issue? I might need you to send me a project where this occurs, because I cannot reproduce it.

Also, I understand your frustration of the plugin location. I'll have a talk with the dev team today about this issue.

I have just tried this and I'm not sure that I have the latest version of the plugin. I have imported the plugin and a sbsar file and have found that the instance is still name mat. and I can't see anyway of renaming an instance.

I have cleared my asset store app data folder and re downloaded the plugin.
The plugin folder's engine_build_info.txt has Plugin commit: 3684 and Plugin Build : 790

Is there an easy way to check the version of the plugin?

@kelly4d3d ,

Yes that seems to be the old version of the plugin. The 2.2 release has an About option in the Substance menu that tells you everything about the plugin version. Unity's Asset Store is a bit weird sometimes. Were you given the option to Update the plugin in the Asset Store? What version of Unity are you using?

Since the SHOPs context is obsolete, it would be helpful if the Houdini plugin could be updated to suit the MAT context and H17.0 as a whole.

I understand if this is low priority, but any work on bringing this plugin up to date is greatly appreciated.

We are currently in the process of updating the Houdini plugin :) However, unfortunately I cannot give a time frame.

oh , i forgot about that  ;D

Talking with the UE4 dev, this is apparently a known issue with our GPU engine. We are currently in the process of fixing this. Sorry for the inconvenience.  :(

Yes , thank you for your reply.

Hey @thanhtoan_ptt ,

It seems some dependencies are missing with the sbs file. Would you be able to provide those as well? You can do this by right clicking on the sbs in Designer and clicking 'Export with Dependencies'.

Hey guys, i 've got this problem when trying import sbsar file into UE4 .

The basecolor look like this in Substance Designer :

and in UE4 :

This is the Substance's setting i use in UE4 :

SD's graph size is Parent x 1 . I tried to change the Substance Engine in UE4 to CPU , it looks better but still wrong on some informations like missing small stones , incorrect color variation for big stones ...

Would you be able to send the sbs file to us so we can take a look?  :)


We're a UE4 licensee and build it directly from source, so we don't use the Epic Games Launcher to get our version of the engine. However, it seems to get the latest Substance, we must always first download a matching engine in the Launcher, and then download the plugin from the marketplace.

Would you be able/willing to make the plugin available for direct download so that we can integrate it directly into our engine source, bypassing Epic Games Launcher? This is how most third party plugins work (e.g. Wwise, Houdini, etc.).


What version of UE4 are you using? The latest 4.21 release is available for direct download here: . Alternatively, 4.19 and 4.20 are available for direct download from their sticky threads here at the top of the forum.

Hey @Mostafa Nabil 0  and @tm_akman ,

The crash that occurs when opening Substance Source has been resolved. Let us know if you have any other issues. :)

It seems like a common problem, let's wait and see what the devs say about this, Thank you guys

Hey @Mostafa Nabil 0 and @tm_akman ,

We were able to reproduce the issue on our end. This occurs in Unreal (and Unity as well), just by opening the Source window. We are looking into it as we speak. A current workaround would be to download your assets from for the time being. Sorry for the inconvenience! :/ I will post back when the issue is resolved.

What's the trick to getting GetGeneratedTextures() to work? Here's my code:

Code: [Select]

var textures = myGraph.GetGeneratedTextures();
Debug.Log($"{textures.Count} textures");

Despite the graph having outputs that I can see in the inspector, GetGeneratedTextures() always returns 0 items. Am I not using it correctly?

Hey @dgoyette ,

Is your Substance graph loaded in the scene or directly referenced in a script?

Hello there,

I'm new to Substance and I'm using Substance Materials inside Unity.
One small issue I have is this:

I assign substance materials in 3ds max and when I import the fbx into Unity, I would like to re-assign the materials with the "on demand" function inside Unity.

Inside the fbx-mesh I gave the material the same name, but unity can't find them when I try to re-assign them. I found out that inside the substance archive (.sbar), the material name gets a "mat." prefix. So I did the same in 3ds max, hoping Unity would have less problems finding the materials. No success. Is this because they are inside the .sbar-archive or do you have a hint on how to make this work?

Thank you

Hey @SFXPZ ,

At the moment, unfortunately this will not work. Fbx needs to understand how to translate the scene into its own format. Fbx does not know what a Substance node is in the scene, and so it normally skips over it. So it goes:
3ds Max <-> Fbx <-> Fbx <-> Unity
So we would need to do more than just on the 3ds Max and Unity plugin side to make that work.

I see the next warning appeared in the Substance Plugin page:

IMPORTANT: The 2.1.0 release requires the scripting runtime to be set to .NET 3.5. Using .NET 4 is not supported in this release.

So will 2.2 plugin support Net 4.6? Because there is no reason to use 3.5 in Unity 2018 and it even deprecated in 2018.3

Hey @Arugin ,

Yes, with 2.2 we will support .Net 4.6. :)

Hi Wes,

Yes, that's correct, the texture input is not included in the preset at the moment.
Is there any way to fix this ?

When using the previous version of the Substance plugin for Unity (unity 2017 and before), I was able to use the sbsar meta file as a preset (overwriting the meta file with another one was acting like a preset load), but that does not seem to work anymore :(

How can I save and load my texture input when using the Substance material presets ?

Hey @anthony_2 ,

Currently this is not supported. I have talked to the Substance in Unity developer about it, and I have put a ticket in. I don't know of any workaround (preset or meta file related) that can help in the meantime, other than just manually adding the input back which is painful. I apologize for the inconvenience.  :-\

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