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I followed the Aged Wood Planks tutorials and my nails and holes appear in my outputs:

But when I import it into Unity, they don't appear:

Hey @Hopeliz ,

Can you attach the .sbs and/or .sbsar file so I can take a look? It may be a problem where the nails/holes are created using a node meant for use with the GPU option of the Substance engine, and currently the Unity Substance plugin only uses the CPU option of the Substance Engine.

The Source plugin native to Unreal Engine dow not save my login details on Engine restart.  Given that UE crashes a lot (more so when using Substance!) this is not sustainable.  I've just entered my email and password 4 times in 20 minutes and I've decided to now use Quixel instead, which is a shame ,

Apologies for your poor experience with the plugin. The Source plugin is What crashes were you experiencing and how are they reproduced?

As for the Source login issue, this will be remedied by the Substance Launcher, which will allow you to send Substance sbsar files straight from the Launcher to UE4 (and the Launcher saves your login details).

Hi, i´m using Unity 2019.4.1 with HDRP. Whenever i change the Material Settings, for example the Metallic Value from 1 to 0 the changes are discarded. Looks like its only the metalic value that gets discarded

Hey @imperatoss ,

I have experienced this as well. This is because the plugin seems to reset the Metallic value on a Substance material back to 1 when it is changed. A workaround would be to create a Unity HDRP material and plug in the Substance textures to that material. Then you would use the Substance graph to change the parameters of the Substance textures in that material.

Also in the next release (2.5.2), the value will still be set to 1 by default in the Substance material, but will be able to be changed and will not revert.

Hi keston, thanks for replying. Yes, I later tested a bit more and it happened to pretty much all of the sbsar files I have made or downloaded.

To share a bit more, if I change my sbsar files in the project to use the default Unity Standard shader instead of the HDRP's Lit/Tessellation shader then it won't crash when recompile(but it won't make sense to use standard shader in HDRP pipeline anyway so that is not a workaround). I tried this after I checked the crash log and saw the the SubstanceImporter class kept complaining that Lit/Tessellation is an unsupported type. Not sure whether that is some useful clue or not.

Thanks a lot for start investigating on this!

Ah ok I see! This is great info to add to the ticket, thanks! It sounds like it may have to do with how our plugin interacts HDRP (and maybe URP as well, I'll have to check also) in combination with deleting the Library folder.

Hello, I am using the latest Substance Untiy Plugin and I have encountered a very critical bug that is blocking my project.

Basically each time when I clean my unity project's library folder and do a recompile, and before unity editor GUI got opened, it always crash on almost any sbsar files I made/downloaded, to workaround that issue I have to delete all the sbsar files in project then recompile, then move those files back then manually link everything...  that is super annoying and basically make the whole plugin values a lot less with this bug. Does anyone having similar issue like this? Can someone from substance help to fix or show workarounds for this issue?

I have attached a crash report (I am using unity HDRP btw, if that matters) with the substance plugin installed in it already. The substance plugin version i am using is 2.5.1 and the unity I am using is 2020.1.0b8. I also have a simple crash test project but it is too big to attach, so I attached couple sbsar files.

I would really appreciate any kind of help. Thanks!

Hey @ruudyliu ,

I was able to reproduce the issue (it seems to happen with any Substance files, not just the ones you have provided). I remember that we fixed this issue in a previous version of the plugin, but something may have changed on ours or on Unity's side. I'll put a ticket in for this for it to be investigated further.


fyi @keston (and others)

we did manage to pass-through the problem and avoid memory stacking at runtime :

- put substances in assetbundles (so it can be reloaded later on)
- load assetbundles wisth substances
- render textures with randomseed
- CopyTextures
- once a substance archive is no longer used, call
Code: [Select]
to free memory , warning don't reuse any graph from taht archive anymore
- do not store any ref to the substancegraph, only keep the copied textures and materials

-if you need to regenerate textures later on :
- reload the assetbundle to restore the substance archive
-redo render+copy process

still, it would be nice to be able to reload the graph without having to reload the entire assets.
and, when loading the unity project for the first time, we still have to do it by batch of 4 or 5 substance files and closing unity in between to free memory. so a patch is still welcomed (but we are not stuck anymore :) )

Great info, thanks @Gilles Boulard 0 !

@RenderPub @NotYetVisible @Cpt.Sloth1992 @juangauthier


Hey guys,

We have a build with a fix for this issue that we are currently testing. If you would like to test this yourself in your own projects to see if it fixes your issue it would be greatly appreciated!

If you wanted to test the plugin, first join the Substance discord here:
Next, dm me or post your discord name so that I can add you to the UE4 beta group. We will be releasing it to the group first, then later to the UE4 Marketplace once we confirm that the issue is fixed.

Thank you for your patience on this issue. :)

Thanks CaGameDev!

The issue is when i download materials from the substance source to UE4. (using ue plugin of course)

It used to work fine now when the diffuse is just color, im getting this full black materials.

With the new plugin, when you import a .sbsar file there is a popup window that allows you to use the Substance file with a specified material template. The imported assets from Source use the old template from the previous plugin, which is why they show up as black. (This is due to the import process being different between Source and regular right click imports). You can find the Substance file in your Project Folder and reimport it yourself manually (or download it from the website, or you can also right click on the Substance Instance Factory, create a new Instance and delete the old one plus the textures.

Hey @keston ,

It worked, thank you!
My game built and launched as if should, so I'm happy. I still don't know what the problem was with Substance, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Thanks for helping with my problem!

(I don't know how to mark this thread as solved, could you help me with that?)

@Robbin12392 ,

Good to hear! Not sure why the plugin was giving you problems either to be honest, I suspect it was a combination of the plugin+hardware but I'll need to investigate further into that.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask! :)

Hey @keston ,

Here are the specs of my iMac:
- OS: 10.13.6 (High Sierra)
- Type: 21.5-inch, mid 2011
- Processor: 2,5 GHz Intel Core i5
- Memory: 4 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
- Video card: AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB

I can't upgrade anything because I can't open the computer itself. The only thing I can upgrade is memory, but that will cost me around €50 so I would first try all the different options there are.
If my hardware is the problem, do you think there is a way to fix it any other way with software? Is it possible to convert the substance textures to normal textures so I don't have to use the plugin at all (I don't know how to do that, though)?

Let me know!

@Robbin12392 ,

It may be hardware related, I'm not sure as I don't have the hardware you have to reproduce it. If you didn't want to use the plugin, or test without the plugin, you can export all of the textures as they are in the plugin by going to each Substance graph in Unity and clicking 'Bake Textures to Folder'. This will bake them out so that you don't have to use the plugin (they will function as normal textures). You will then have to place these textures in Unity materials manually.

If you wanted to then delete the plugin from the project cleanly, you would have to close the project and delete the Allegorithmic folder and any associated files (.sbsar files as well as they will no longer be able to be used in Unity without the plugin).

Hey @keston ,

Just to be clear, did you open and build the project on MacOS or Windows? I can try on both.
I also can try to build on another version of Unity.

I have no errors of the tesselation shader in the console, but I removed it anyway. Upon building the game again, nothing changed, it still froze at the Substance texture formatting.

I think the crashing happens because the game is made for VR, and you probably didn't run it on the specific headset. The Unity project has the XR plugins for Oculus installed, so I guess running it on a normal phone or tablet makes it crash.

Also, could the freezing be related to hardware? My iMac is from 2011, so maybe that creates any problem?

@Robbin12392 ,

I built on both Mac and Windows to Android (same result). I figured that was the case, I unfortunately don't have the hardware to build for VR. The freezing could be related to hardware. What are the specs of your iMac?

Hey @keston ,

No problem, here is the full project:
By the way, do you think that trying to build it on a different operating system could do anything, or is that not how Unity works?

@Robbin12392 ,

For the Substance side of things at least (I can't speak to Unity because I don't know for sure) the Substance texture formats are converted to the correct format when building for the this case Android.

I downloaded your project and ran it and just got loads of errors related to a Tesselation shader. But every time I always make it past the ShadowCaster / Substance texture format problems and it never froze or anything.

Just out of complete curiousity to get it to build, I deleted the Tesselation shader it was complaining about and it finally succeeded and deployed, but always crashes on start on Android after deploying it on Windows and Mac.

I'm not an expert on Unity and know next to nothing about Vulkan. Maybe it's the Mac or Android tablet having issues? I'm honestly not sure.

Hi all,
I'm having alot of trouble getting the live link between UE4 and Substance Painter to work.
I have tried various tips I found on this forum, all to no avail.

Firstly i'm using Painter Version 2020.1.2 (6.1.2)
In UE4 I installed the latest plugin via de marketplace:

In UE4 I right click my static mesh and choose: 'Send to substance Painter'.
In export dialog that appears I 've unselected the LOD and the Colission Mesh:

Substance Painter starts importing but, once imported, it doesn't show any icon indicating that it is connnected to UE4.
In the log I get the following error:

Exporting the FBX from UE4 and importing it again didn't work.

Any suggestions?



@MaartenEl ,

I believe there is an issue with the new version of Painter and the LiveLink plugin. The team is aware of it, but unfortunately I'm not sure of the date for a fix.

Hey @keston ,

Do you have any news?

Hey @Robbin12392 ,

I deployed a project to Android using the Substance files you provided with no issues. It may be the project itself. I think the only way I can maybe reproduce it at this point is by getting the project.

sample send to @keston (mp/mail)

@Gilles Boulard 0 ,

Thank you! I got it, will take a look.  :)

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