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Hello! I'm using Unreal Engine with Substance Painter by the LiveLink plugin.
It's really cool, but I got a big problem.

The texture sets are missing during the import. I can only see one texture.
But, importing the same without the LiveLink workflow it's fine, all texture sets are there.
For each missing texture, the error log says in red : [Viewer settings] The material 'MyMaterial' can't be found in the project.
Actually this is not true because in the same folder I got all my materials and even the mesh in Unreal is set to use them.
Could you please help me to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hey @Napulion ,

What version of Unreal and Substance Painter are you using? I think I have seen this issue before. Did you happen to apply any materials that were created in Unreal (as in, not by the import of the mesh) to the mesh and then send it?


I'm trying to use a .sbsar I downloaded from Substance Source with Unity 2018.3.3f1 but can't apply it to a gameobject...

I have already downloaded the "Substance in Unity" package and it stands in an Allegorithmic folder in the Assets.

But I can't drag the .sbsar onto an object in the scene.
And when I double click it, it tells me: "Unable to open Assets/.../nameOfMaterial.sbsar: Check external application preferences.

Outside of Unity, when I double click the .sbsar, it opens normally with B2M...

What am I doing wrong? How do I resolve this issue?


Hey @Ryxx ,

In this image:

The red square = the sbsar file, can create instances of a Substance graph from this menu
The blue square = the Unity material generated by the Substance plugin
The green square = the SGO (Substance Graph Object) that contains the parameters of the Substance file

To apply the material, you just need to drag the Unity material on to a game object in the scene. Double clicking the sbsar file will attempt to open it in the program that is set to open .sbsar files. Hope this helps! :)

For more information about the Substance in Unity plugin, check out the documentation here:

Hey. I have a question about the live link. I import the model in unity3d, after I send it to Substance painter. But if I remove the model from unity and load another model with the same name and send it again to the Substance painter, the previous model will appear in it and not the updated one. How to fix it?

Hey @Михаил Высоцкий,

This is because when a mesh is sent to Substance Painter, it creates a painter project (.spp) for that asset. To fix this locate the .spp file with the name of the mesh in /(projectName)/Assets/.sp and delete the .spp file associated with it. The next time you send this mesh to Substance Painter, it will send the correct one.

Note: You will have to close Painter, or send a different mesh to Painter in order to delete the .spp file because Painter puts a lock on the .spp file that is currently open.

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Tesselation in Unity
 on: January 29, 2019, 11:32:18 pm 
I am trying to achieve tessellation effect with substance imported from designer to unity through substance plugin like in this video:
But my texture remains flat:
Tried to use UBER - Metallic Setup/Tesselation/Core shader, but no luck

Hey @Mikhail Alexeev ,

As of this time, we can only support the standard Unity shaders, and will eventually support the HDRP/LWRP shaders in the plugin when they are officially released by Unity.

Hi, I noticed that the individual maps for the substances seem to be generated differently between the native Unity support and the Substance Plugin.

Here is the same material I downloaded from substance share in native Unity 2017.4:

and here in 2018.3 with the 2.2 plugin:

Is this to be expected due to version changes in the underlying procedural generation tech between the two versions, or can I influence the map generation somehow to get the same result in both versions?

Hey @OMBG ,

This difference is because 2017 uses an old version of the Substance engine. In the new plugin, we have updated the engine. I'm not sure of what node/s the creator used in this Substance for the roots, but they don't show up correctly in 2017 because of the older engine.

Is there any safer way to use sbsar in the new Unity with the actual plug-in or we must wait a little bit for that ? i know the fault is not from you Allegorithmic guy's, since it's the problem of Unity team with there new shading engine, everything they build are going beta for a while...
Hope it's doing for the new RTX card...

Hey @Meteotrance ,

We are working every release to increase the stability and usability of the new external plugin. This does not happen overnight, but the plugin has greatly improved over the past months and will continue to do so. We will also be releasing major updates to the plugin every month, with minor bug/crash fixes weekly as needed when they crop up between releases.

Alternatively, you can use the embedded plugin in Unity 2017.x (but that has its own issues as well). Another workflow is to use Substance Designer or Substance Player to bake out the texture maps to use in Unity materials, this would be the "safe" way to use Substances as the plugin would not be needed in this case.

I Downloaded the 2.2.1 but it didn't solved my hanging problem with lots of .sbsar materials. But anyway I removed all my database and start to creating a new database again. So forget about hang issue but that is not the end of story! I realized Uber shader can't get height texture of a substance material anymore to use for its POM shader! don't know if it's a problem form Uber Side or new substance plugin.

Hey @Peyman ,

I have never used the UBER shader so I cannot be of any help with that. As of now, we only support the standard Unity shaders, and will eventually support the HDRP/LWRP within the plugin when Unity releases it officially.


Here is a video showing what I am talking about. 
Basically I am trying to download materials into my UE4 project but I cannot see what any of the look like since when it tries to load the previews it only displays a white image of empty blankness.

What do I do?

Thanks in advance for any advice! :)

Hey @garretttru ,

This is a known issue that was fixed in the 4.21 release. Just to confirm, what version of UE4 are you using?

Hi there, I think this may be related to Substance modifying line endings on prefabs and scenes when renaming Substance graphs - as posted here:,27502.0.html

In our use case, renaming a Substance graph takes 15+ seconds and our project change list has 500+ files edited (rough numbers).

Hey myxolobe and boudini,

With this information, I was able to reproduce this issue. It seems to happen with larger projects, with large scenes and many prefabs. I have put a ticket in and the dev team is aware of it. Thank you! :)

Substance Integrations - Unity - Re: Unity breaks material
 on: January 17, 2019, 04:05:14 pm 

I am currently working on a glass material. Everything works fine with the import into Unity, until I select Rendering Mode: Fade for the material. After that it turns hot pink once I run the game and afterwards, I can't adjust the material anymore since it starts appearing like this in Unity

I also get these errors.

I am using Unity 2018.2 and the latest plug in and Designer versions. Is there any way I can fix this? Is it a problem with the Rendering Mode?

Hey @milva.s ,

Would you be able to send your .sbs file so I can take a look at it?

With the known issues, what does this actually mean? "Substance materials are not persistent when exported/imported using a Unity package".

If I create a Unity Package and include substance graphs with multiple instances, are those OK, or is it just the property values that are not persistent?

@stefan Sorry for the confusion. This should read "Substance material properties are not persistent when exported/imported using a Unity package". This means that the tiling/rendering modes etc. will be set back to default when imported while contained in a Unity package.

Hey I just tested this out.  So far no errors but there is still an issue with tiling settings not being detected and thus I cant figure out how to check in a material with tiling into source control.  So basically tiling changes are not carrying over across machines etc.

Repo steps:  Using a project under source control check everything in  so git report nothing to commit.  Then make changes to the tiling of the material under the sbsar file in unity inspector.  Git shows no changes.

I reported this issue awhile ago here,23756.msg102417.html#msg102417

Substance plugin 2.2.0 on unity 2018.3

@jaran ,

Sorry for the late reply. There is a bug here with Unity + Substance 2.2 plugin + Git. I have put in a ticket for this. Thank you for reporting it and sorry for the inconvenience it causes.  :-\


Just import package "Substance in Unity" then import any .sbsar file

@j_a_c_k_o_3 These errors appeared in 2.1.1, but should be fixed in 2.2. Can you verify that you have an About button in the Substance menu at the top? If not, then the package is still 2.1.1, because this was added in 2.2.

Sometimes the Unity asset store keeps an old package around, just checking to make sure.

Anyone get these errors in Unity official release  2018.3.1f1?

Just import package then import .sbsar file from SD 2018.1.2

What version of Unity are you using? How are you able to reproduce this issue?


The plugin doesn't seem to be loading fully for me here. I haven't touched any of the plugin folders. Is there another step I'm missing to get this working? Thanks!

How were you able to reproduce this issue?

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