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Yes, you will still be able to get perpetual licenses on Steam, you won't have access to Substance Source or Substance Alchemist.

Not through the Substance website, but you can head over to Steam to get perpetual licenses of Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

You can add an AO channel to your texture set, drag and drop the Ambient Occlusion Effect from the shelf to your stack, that should add AO for all your painted details and multiply it with your baked AO.

After October 2021, your license will still be valid of course, but you won't be able to receive new updates unless you either buy a perpetual license on Steam or enroll in the subscription.

There are tons of other tablets brands out there and the switch allowed us to support those better while keeping the compatibility with Wacom tablets. As Froyok said, the slider lag issue is being fixed and we're looking at how we could mitigate the other remaining issues.

We are currently looking at improving the export options.

The answer is unfortunately no. The student license can only be used by students for studying purpose, not for creating content that will ultimately be part of a commercial project.

Hi, the student license is only meant for learning purpose for students currently enrolled in school.
The Indie license is meant for small teams and individuals.

Changing your forum name will not affect your licenses.

You can contact us at if you want to share any information with the team.

Substance Alchemist is only available as part of the subscription.

Substance Share is definitely not dead or closing :)

Hi, both versions are the same, the main difference is that Steam is a perpetual license with free updates for the current year (2020 in this case) while the version on the website is a monthly subscription.

You can freely sell content you create with both versions.

That's fine but you should know that Windows 7 is now unsupported with newer version of Substance painter.

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