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This is not the project file but just a temporary .lock file.
The actual project is the .spp file :)

Cylinders tend to be the worst case scenario for the current method we use for automatic UVs, we're looking into ways to improve the situation.

Would you be able to share that project with us?

Could you attach a log file please?
@DMAEuropa Any chance you could share that mesh with us for testing purpose?

Did you make sure to check the Create a Texture set per UDIM tile option? Also, did you make sure none of your UV parts overlap, even very slightly from one tile to the other or touch the side of the UV quadrant?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Re: udim to lod
 on: December 18, 2019, 06:23:15 pm 
Designer can bake UDIMs to a single texture or vice versa using its Transferred Texture baker.

There shouldn't be any limit, 5M polys would even actually work fine in the viewport to paint on directly.
What happens when you try to bake?

Hi, you can't change them all at export time yet, but you can in the Texture Set settings before exporting:
Shift select all your UDIMs in the Texture Set list window, then change the resolution in the Texture Set Settings window.

We've been having several reports of the feature being broken in 2019.3, we're looking into it.

Type Control Panel in the start menu, that should allow you to go into the old Pen and Touch options in Windows.
You should see this window:

Click on Settings on the Press and Hold item and deactivate it, that should get rid of the circle.

These are Photoshop parameters that Substance Painter doesn't support yet.

Thank you!

Would you be able to share this mesh with us please?

Thank you for the kind words and your continued support! <3

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