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We had some technical issues yesterday but things should be back to normal now, Can you confirm?

Yes, you can cancel and start again at any time.

Perpetual licenses and subscription licenses are separate, you will not lose your perpetual license if you start a subscription.

I guess Dropbox and Google are big enough that Paypal is willing to let them use it for subscriptions. They haven't given us the same options as Allegorithmic. Hopefully things will change now that we are Adobe.

In the file type line, where it says "based on output template" you should be able to choose TGA.

Did you just sign up for a subscription? Sometimes the download credits can take a few hours to appear.

Unfortunately not, we recommend downloading the Substance Launcher to keep your Substance tools up to date like you would on Steam.

Sorry you are right, we don't offer upgrades for older licenses like yours unfortunately.
Your can choose to buy a perpetual on Steam (you may get a discounted price during Steam sales) or go with the subscription. In both cases these will be new licenses separate from your SD4 license.

The best thing you can buy today for Painter is likely a RTX 2080 Ti or the Quadro variant if you need more Vram.

You can link your Steam account to your Substance3d account.
That way you'll be able to upgrade your licenses for $75 each. This will upgrade your perpetual license with an additional year of free updates. This offer will be available until October 2020. After that date, new licenses will only be subscription based but your perpetual license will never expire. Your Steam licenses will never expire either.

As for changes, you can refer to these pages in the documentation to have an overview of what was added in the last year and a half:

When did you send your email to the support?

After you purchase on Steam, you will see an option to link your accounts in your account page. This will give you access to the standalone download.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: Substance Source
 on: June 03, 2020, 07:51:54 pm 
Hi, there is currently only one subscription option that includes Source and the tools. There is no separate way to access Source today.

We've had a closed beta running for several months and are getting closer to a public release.

Unfortunately Paypal doesn't support subscriptions in some countries and we have no control over it at the moment :(

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