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The winners of Materialize, the Substance Designer contest, are finally here!
Congratulations to all who entered, the quality of the entries was astonishing!

Head over to our blogpost to find out who won  :D



For the full rules and details, head over to our BLOGPOST.

If you have any question not answered in the blogpost page, please ask here  ;)

The winners of the Meet MAT 3D Painting contest are finally here! Overwhelmed by the number and quality of entries, we have slightly changed the rules: 20 winners instead of 3 in the general category, and 10 winners instead of 1 in the student category.

Head over to our blog for the full winners and prize list!


Are you surrounded by a collection of vinyl figurines born in the minds of brilliant artists? For those who aren't familiar with them, these designer toys aren't just for kids – they're stylized miniatures of creative awesomeness for all ages.

Unleash your imagination, push the limits of Substance Painter, and show us how you would picture MAT, our new art toy mascot. To you, is he a muddy little soldier, an Italian scooter, an alien waiting to invade earth? Or something else entirely?

For this contest the task is simple: nothing to model, no UV to unwrap – MAT is already fully modeled and is waiting to come to life with your brushstrokes!

The contest runs from April 27th to May 11th and prizes include NVidia Quadro cards, Wacom Cintiqs, Mobile Studio Pro tablets and more!

For detailled rules and guidelines, see our Contest Page.

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