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I am not sure I follow about not grandfathering and retroactively changing the value of the purchase.
If you already own a perpetual license or have a current one-year maintenance, you still have a year to extend that with yet another year of maintenance.

Please contact us at

You can do that after 12 consecutive months, you will see an option to convert your subscription into perpetual licenses in your account.

- The license you get from paying the $49 fee does not include free updates, it's only the latest version available at the time of the cancellation.
- If you want an additional year of maintenance for one or several of the tools after that, you will need to pay the $75 maintenance fee for each after you cancelled your sub and got your perpetual licenses.
- Having more than 12 consecutive months doesn't change the price.
- You will not lose Source credits.

SubstanceSubstance - Purchases & Licenses - Re: going perpetual
 on: November 06, 2019, 02:37:42 am 
You should have seen a prompt when discontinuing your subscription on the website asking you if you wanted to use the buyout option. Please contact us on

There should not be any issue with that. You can also have both on the same account if you wish to.

We've been working with Nvidia on the MDL format for a few years yes.

You will indeed have 2 licenses of SD, one linked to your subscription, and one perpetual.

Yes, this is how things work, there is currently no way to buy/add points on top of the 30 materials per month.
We only offer a full license of Source that includes unlimited downloads for Pro customers for $7490.

Please contact us through directly.

Substance Source assets are only available to subscription customers. A rotating selection of free assets is available for all.

@Ankerite You don;t need to spend your Source points, they will still be available indefinitely after you end your subscription.

@blackfordnicholas You will be automatically asked to opt-in the rent to own buyout when you end your subscription if you've had an active sub for 12 months +.

No software company can predict what will happen 3 years from now. All we can comment on is the situation now and in the foreseeable future.

Just to double check, in case of having a perpetual license of "Substance Painter 2 (legacy)", will be possible to upgrade that license to a new Substance Painter Pro (latest release with one year of maintenance) until October 31, 2020?

If you are a Pro licensee, please contact us directly at

I was subscribed to Substance using the rent-to-own model from a few years ago, then chose to 'cash out' and buy the software outright (which I believe is now known as having a perpetual license?). I pay for a years maintenance as and when, as I don't want to subscribe and don't always benefit from the point release features.

So am I right in thinking I have until October 31st 2020 to buy another years maintenance, which will run until October 30th 2021?

You are right.

If I buy out, what will happen with all my points at substance source?

You keep all the points you accumulated until your buyout.

Could you please clarify the notion "maintenance" of a perpetual license. Does it mean that buying it
on October 31st 2020 it gives me again a perpetual license for all releases published on or before October 30th 2021 ?

Yes exactly.

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