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Hi, we are not aware of performance issues with non-square projects. Do you have any example project or repro steps to help us figure out the issue?

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Please Help!
 on: March 24, 2020, 07:48:59 pm 
What are the channels present in your document and what export preset are you using?

Add a Paint effect to your scratches mask, you will be able to paint black where you want the scratches to go away.

Painting height data is just a much easier process. Paiting normal data can only be done with stamps and shapes while height can be painted with more subtilty and hand-drawn details.

We can't give an ETA at this time, but sooner than later is the best I can do :)

The ambient occlusion is supposed to affect other parts of the meshes by default, and it has its own specific setting for name matching. You can also improve the look by deactivating the "Ignore backface" option in the AO bake settings.

I managed to reproduce the issue and we are looking into it. It seems to only happen when the slider is at its maximum or minimum value when you start moving it, and not all sliders are affected.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: External GPU
 on: March 18, 2020, 05:23:08 pm 
Substance Painter does not currently support external GPUs on Mac, we can't guarantee that it will work well or at all.

A new scripting API for Painter is in the works, we'll have more news on that front very soon.

We're working on it!

You can do either. The subscription will give you access to all the tools + Substance Source through a new license.
The upgrade will be a $75 fee per app, for a year worth of new updates and you get to keep your license afterwards.

Hi, the trial does not include access to Substance Source. You can still download materials from the free selection on the platform though.

Really cool!

For the curvature, reducing the Details value will improve the quality as currently it's too high and it saturates.
If you are using the latest version of Designer, I would recommend using the curvature from mesh baker, quality is much better. This will also replace the current Curvature baker in Painter in the next release.
For the thickness, did you try unchecking the auto normalization option?

Hi, here are a few answers.

1. You will not lose your perpetual license if you restart a subscription, that's an additional license.

2. Maintenance will be available for purchase until October 2020.
You are correct with how the maintenance works.
You can purchase the maintenance from your account on the website.

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