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very good idea.i like it! cool painting on the face.
maybe you can break up the big red ring right near her hair into more colors or kinda headband?

@ korhonen - did you read reply No33?

Thanks Jeremie - iray works now without facetts.

What still aint that clear is the fact that we can use alphas, but no textures created in other programs.
I mean many alphas like the zbrush ones come from zbrush users themselves-Lets say,bolts or stitches.
I made stitch alphas myself in zbrush.Now its an alpha- can we then still use alphas, or did you mean only grunges or noises?
Thanks for the patience with us  ;D

have to dig this out again,
i use refraction in SP and Iray.
how do i set up my layers to achieve some areas beeing refractive and some not?

i have problems with iray.
the first time ever.
i load the mesh into substance.go directly to iray and all is facetted,
i use a nvidia 1070 with the latest drivers.

ok found it,
you really have to have BAKES for iray.

Seriously we work with SD and SP in our company,
now as we upgraded our grafic cards we really have issues here.

no kidding - guys say lets try mari.this card/chip support cant be so hard to manage.
dont get me wrong,we love that software and support, but the pascal support must happen very soon.

good to hear,
i hope it will be going faster then on designer.
Yesterday i wondered about the ultra high CPU load i had under Painter.
Then i checked my preferences and this lead me to this forum.

please please make it happen as fast as possible.I need to work on projects from my home PC.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Matching by name
 on: September 28, 2016, 07:24:27 pm 
thanks for the reply,
i saw the help doc but wasnt sure if iam allowed to use more underscores before the suffix.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Matching by name
 on: September 27, 2016, 01:19:48 pm 
Hello fellas,

i wanted to ask if the baking works in a correct way if you have objects named


meaning the usage of an underscore before the _low/_high  sufix?

thanks for the reply,
that didnt help on my test.
Could it be related to the 2 meshes intersecting each other?

Hi fellas,
i started using substance at our company and ran into a problem.
If i do the high/low mesh Texture baking all works fine.I have all meshes named correctly,so it seems the normal map and all others come out just fine.
I only have troubles with the AO map and thickness map (see attachments)

i hope you have an advice here :-)

i also use a cintiq (13HD) and have the problem that some drop downs open on my second monitor (above the cintiq).
for example the "Mirror" axis dropdown and also the blending method list of the layers.
how can if ix that?

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