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Yeah this is a tough one it seems :-P
what also is a steady pain that you cant hide faces.You always have body parts in your way - like arms on a A pose.Or eyes on the same texture set as the head... (impossible to paint)

Hi fellas,

i wanted to input metall/rough maps into a basematerial and generate outputs to have a sbsar file published for substance painter.
Iam not understanding the correct process behind this when it comes down to parent space vs absolut.
My first tests result in a very large sbsar file which wont really show all the details in substance painter.It reacts on resoultion changes-yes- but never shows its full res.

whats my mistake here?

Hi fellas,
i had some chats in the past with you guys,since then everything worked good.
Today i needed to paint something and experienced a strange behaviour in my project.

as soon as i want to project some textures /stencils in project mode SP stalls.
I cant attach a log,as i wont get none.

my hardware is a I7 7700k + nvidia 1070 + 32gb ram.on a M2HDD!

never ever had problems to stencil anything in the past..ever.

Info that might be important :
-i have the PBR shader with alpha chosen.
-latest nvidia experience driver.

same question as a user asked before.Does it work under max2017?

Hi fellas,
iam not very experienced in SD and run into an issue.
When i use a 1280X1280 crop of a stone image i wont be able to have it scaled down/and up correctly after published as *sbar.
Only when i set the image node itself to absoulte 4k it works in Substance Painter.
(big con:It takes a long time to calculate + all nodes behind it get the higher resolution)
When i set it to parent, this results in banding when loaded into Substance Painter. -showing me that it exports some low res version only,and not scaling it up.

its obvious iam doing somehting wrong :)

see attachment

as much as i love the allego stuff,i must admit it gets a bit too heavy on us to clear up for little bugs (a few months before i wouldnt have posted this). but i experienced marmoset toolbag meanwhile,and what do they do?they give us a beta to play with and report errors back, after that they enrol the public update.
not beeing able to map the buttons of the wacoms is really a strange thing.

allegorithmic could at least call such updaes "beta"  :)

Thanks Jeremie,

installed the ( ::)) nvidia hotfix today, least no GPU error message in the log.
saw new wacom drivers, gave em a try, no fix from this side regarding the pen buttons.

one interessting thing is - iam allowed to map the rear/upper button of the wacom pen under the SP preferences!It "sees" that i click the rear button to map it.
But in the viewport its ignored.

i bet you guys are pretty busy running your sessions on gdc.
thumbs up for that.

from what ive read in the other thread (SP) youre doing right.
but iam not sure about the plugin.Is this a new /recent plugin?as the old one wasnt working well at all!
Only the max 2018 plugin should work,but correct me if iam wrong.

youre doing right about, maps->gamma. difuse and reflection on SRGB, rest on Gamma 1.0, i would say except AO.(ife youre using).
color mapping, you can set to mapping only no gamma correction to have proper color mapping.

same here,
cintiq 27qhd,nvidia 1070.lateest drivers on everything.
installed the 2018 version and my right click is impossible to set up under Substance.
First time since countless updates this happend.
I just hope for a fix, this is heavily annoying :-(

its really great that Allegorithmic listens to the forums,and do all those great updates, but i wished they would test a liiiittle more before dropping updates.

iam a complete noob to Photogrammetry capture cleaning, but i know what you try to achieve.
I recently saw a video from a guy at ubisoft and saw that he uses a paint layer on the main Fill (that main fill contains all your bakes).
And he sets that paint layer to pasthrough/all channels to pasthrough.Maybe you can try this instead a toping layer?Could be SP has a problem with that.

iam not aware of another way then using named shaders before you export first.
But let me know if there is a way.

You also can comment texture sets (right click on texture set on newer SP versions).
I do that sometimes on my UDIM sets to see instantly which is this and that.

Sure, all you have to do is to go under the Ao baking settings and set it to "always"  and "apply to all.
Also you could disable "by mesh name" under the common tab, to take other texture sets into the bake.

hehe ;-)
i would have wondered.

do you have a software like 3smax where you can rename meshes?

until now (read last line how i do it today) i did it this way :
1.Zbrush - name every Subtool  xxx_high
2.export using the zbrush fbx exporter -> all visible subtools as xxx_high.fbx

GoZ to 3d software
3. name every mesh xxx_low
4. export directly from 3d software to xxx_low.fbx

thats it :-)

the benefit here is that by using GoZ you can even do a UV arrangement in the 3d Appl. and play that change back to zbrush by GoZing back! (sure good for getting your UV changes stored safely into your Zbrush Project too).
Plus you can save a 3d Workfile from this session (a file with :renamed to _low plus UV layout).-Just perfect for later changes.

Sure you could do a subtool copy of each single subtool,name them xxx_low and export the high and low versions out of Zbrush- which can take forever when you have many meshes.

Or you get the "Zscene manager" to rename in Batch in zbrush! Excellent Zbrush Plugin.Check it out on Youtube.

edit: i found out that even my autobackups give me an error message telling me it couldnt "write the image on the path
E:\caches\substance\autosave"  ( i have all caches on a M2 HD)

guess i found the issue of all my trouble ->

in some texture sets i deleted baked maps that gave me troubles - like "thickness" - (Polyhair doesnt need it - just gives issues).
This leads to SP shouting at me when ever it can - if you use generators that depend on thickness too.
Point is - sometimes you want features of a generator without the need of using the thickness map.

Is there a workaround for that?Should i kill the map inside the generator itself then?

Still i find the log not helpfull as its not clear what is meant to be missing.
It could instead quote that "a bake is missing for generator x to work".That simple.
Giving out a code for that map is not helpfull.
If you type that code into the "update resource" - search dialog - the map CANT be found  - as it..werent baked anyway.

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