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I was active on the other topics about it and rejoin here.
just to read what comes out at the end. Because activating thepen to mouse option does Not fix the slider lag.
Iam on a wacom Cintiq QHD 27" as statet in postings before..Latest everything (nvidia,SP,Wacom - drivers).
Eagerly awaiting whatever fixes you have- also regarding the NOT mapable shortcuts (the other topic).
Log files were uploaded in the other topics.

brush size and flow.

also i cant map alpha rotate. anymore. It is not present in the shortcut list...
Only Stencil rotate......
So no Ctrl+lmb + updown right now?

Hi Fellas,
Iam using shortcuts like CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+RMB since 2017x.
Now we cant map them no more on new installations of the actual SP., any workarrounds?
I map them because CTRL+SHIFT+ LMB /RMB are already mapped.

@ Froyok, I followed the steps as far as i can. As i said iam on windows 10 pro and i dont have all the settings that are mentiones in that doc.

Iam on a Cintiq 27QHD DTH DTH2700 ,
Drivers 6.3.38-2 - so slightly newer then the ones you test with.
And i cant see how I can get all those Handwriting settings -

I dont have this radio button on windows 10pro
regarding the substance doc, it should be enabled

anyone got rid of that white circle by following the instructions here?

-wacom cintiq qhd 27" first model
-latest SP version
-latest Nvidia drivers
-latest wacom drivers 6.3.38-2
-windows Ink activated

= lags when clicking into sliders and dragging them + white circle on right click


I have to dig this out. I exportet a mesh with camera from 3ds max and have the same problem. The viewport looks right. Iray on the other hand is zoomed out.

Dang Froyok that issue is one of the ugliest yet. Iam really on the side of your product, but what the ***
ok, Ill try it, i really do.
So i went thorugh the doc (had recieved this over email support),so far so good.

1st thing, i still have that white circle on my Cintiq 27qhd drivers: 6.3.31-4 . And no i dont want to upgrade to 6.3.38-2 as we all know that there is one thing Wacom ALWAYS screws up. Its the freakin drivers!

So if you have another solution then update your drives iam listening.

edit: just testet in Photoshop, affinity and zbrush, all have pressure sensitivity and no white circle, Subtance painter is the only one that sports that.

Hi fellas,

I wanted to know if IRay can render SSS objects with mesh parts which are fully transparent..
I know it works with the PBR_SSS_alpha-blending. But dialing in the sss on that one sucks.

-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending - supports transparency but no SSS
-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-test - supports  SSS but no transparency

any thoughts on this isse?

still not built in.I really love this product, but please ADD it!
I need to pick painted mask

oh thats not bad, thanks again Jeremie

Dear Allegorithmic team,
i understand that you want to unclutter the workspace - but please give us back that isolate texture set button (solo).
Its much easier when your holding a wacom pen, then hitting up ALT-Q.
cant believe you removed it.

no probs on the 2016 modell of cintiq 27" QHD (nontouch).
drivers 6.3.31.-4.
i stopped upgrading wacom drivers.because they messed up things so often i lost count.Same opinion on my coworkers and admins in our company.
if you ever contacted the wacom suppoert,you very fast find out that they suggest you to stick to the latest drivers that worked for you..

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