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Hi fellas,

I wanted to know if IRay can render SSS objects with mesh parts which are fully transparent..
I know it works with the PBR_SSS_alpha-blending. But dialing in the sss on that one sucks.

-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending - supports transparency but no SSS
-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-test - supports  SSS but no transparency

any thoughts on this isse?

still not built in.I really love this product, but please ADD it!
I need to pick painted mask

oh thats not bad, thanks again Jeremie

Dear Allegorithmic team,
i understand that you want to unclutter the workspace - but please give us back that isolate texture set button (solo).
Its much easier when your holding a wacom pen, then hitting up ALT-Q.
cant believe you removed it.

no probs on the 2016 modell of cintiq 27" QHD (nontouch).
drivers 6.3.31.-4.
i stopped upgrading wacom drivers.because they messed up things so often i lost count.Same opinion on my coworkers and admins in our company.
if you ever contacted the wacom suppoert,you very fast find out that they suggest you to stick to the latest drivers that worked for you..

wow, ok thats news to me.Would be great if there would be a textfeld that states that info on the curvature bake dialouge.
thanks for the info.

This means that the WorldSpaceNormal should be baked in higher Res to get a good curvature result.

thanks for the answer Froyok!

oh man i just cant get it fixed!
It even bakes the same Curvature when you DONT have a mesh in the "high-mesh bake" list.
but,seems like if you activate all maps to bake,it will be rewritten.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - curvature bake always from cache
 on: December 15, 2018, 07:50:16 pm 
Hi Fellas,
it seems iam running in a lot of problems since the latest builts.

this time - one loaded high mesh to bake on LowPoly.
All bakes work perfect.The curvature bake wont update.Its always the same.
tried to delete the *.assbin file.No success.

sometimes i then bake a normal map in another resolution.Then after that iam able to bake the curvature correctly.
It must be a cache problem.
Any suggestions?

the question is directed to Jeremie, but i wanted to tell you my experience regarding Zbrush;SP,3DStudiomax.

Fbx exported from zbrush never ever gave me probles,when the scale (zbrush "export" settings) is the same as the low poly.
But 3DStudio Max can give you some troubles.

If you modifiy your UVs in 3D Studio and export a fbx for Substance then you MUST check automatic Unit conversion in the fbx export dialog/3dsmax.If you choose any other measurement you basicvally get black bakes in SP ;)

Hey Jeremie,

thanks for checking in.
iam pretty sure ive read a bout a max limit on polycount.i see it does not have one on importing meshes.
i found out a solution to the problem.I had to clear my list of other High meshes in the bake dialoge and only keep the one i wanted to bake from.
As SP seems to calculate among all listed meshes when i want to "bake by name".
Seems logical.

So if anyone has this problem, reduce your meshs polycount or clear the list to bake only from the meshes you need.

Hi Fellas,
i baked quiet some stuff in the past.even bigger meshes.But this time i have trouble with undecimated meshes from zbrush.
highmesh is about 25.million polys for 16 subtools which i exportet as one single fbx from zbrush.
iam able to import this file into 3d Studio max and it matches the position of my low mesh.

baking in SP throws me an error - it could not find the high poly mesh - some know this error.Its very common on this board.
i know poly max count is about 50 mil at SP.
So could this be my file size beeing over 1.5gb on the highpoly mesh?

Another question would be how substance handles this 50mil max polys.Can i attach multiple high meshes with each maxed at 50mil polys.Or does the 50mil limit stand for ALL high meshes in the bake list alltogehter?

Hi fellas,
i wanted to ask if this is a bug in the latest 2018.3.0 or a common problem.

i habe a paperthin (one side) object.When i take a look at it from the rear side - i can just look through the objekt.
Is there an Option to backface cull?

sorry for the late reply, i overlooked the notification.

Youre right, my input images/texturess were set to absolute - assuming that its not possible to recall the highest resolution in SP if saved in lets say 1024.I thought bitmaps have to stay in their resolution as they are no procedurals.

So now i set all input textures to relative to parent,also the base material + the project.
When i export the .sbsar to SP i still wont get the right resolution i believe,even not when i set SP to 4k.

I really dont like to start postings this way,but honestly, it starts to really bug me.
You cant scale up or move the color picker window anymore.Yes, you made the sliders bigger on the latest update, but you also made that window static! :-(
its really time that allegorithmic start to use Cintiqs with QHD resolution for testing..
i am not able to switch to a webiste or another program while keeping that picker open to type in values!serious..

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