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Hi fellas,
i bought substance painter on the monster discount and never had real issues until now.

i just tried the experimental 8k export.And it gave me artefakts on the diffuse map.
I tried tiff,png,and jpg out of curiosity,no change.
btw 4k works flawless,as always.

All other 8k maps (rougness.normal ect) are exportet very good except my diffuse of UDIM1001 which i the Body of my character.

i attached a crop of the actual blocky 8k texture for you to see.

So i disabled one layer after the other on my layerstack and traced it down to a layer from the ORC Skin material i believe.
It is a material mode - no resource selected
and uses 2 materials
the "Base Color - white noise"
and the "Roughness - white noise"

these show a material ball thumbnail instead of the white noise map,not sure if that should be so?

check the attached image for this one.Could it be that substance wasnt able to reload the "white noise procedural"?
As i reloaded the White Noise Map and it resultet in a perfekt 8k Diffuse Export.

i just checked it,the material is from Jeremie Noguer on share

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Day Of The Tentacle ^^
 on: June 08, 2017, 07:28:48 pm 
This is my little fanart of DOTT.

I did various versions over the time,but those i liked most.

modelled in Zbrush and 3dsmax.Textured in Substance Painter.

Rendered in Vray.

Hope you like it  Laverne smiley!  :o
all images here

i was inspired by MAT(T) Damon in THE MARTIAN.

I saw this contest and first startet with an Apollo Astronaut.I had pretty good references through an incredible Norman Mailer picture -book about the Apollo Program (Moonfire).Then i saw a pretty nice Astronaut in the forum and thought to go another route.
Meanwhile i discovered that Watney was also covered by another user in a very nice way.So many talentet people here!

From the Start i set myself my own working frame by 3 simple rules:

-no zbrush sculpting, hightmaps -> handpaint
-stick to max 5 external alphas (for example a bolt or a simple non square shape)
-Astronaut decals and patches as the only textures.

it was quiet a task to get the details right.The layer stack is a mile long.
I used the tilegenerator and mask export function extensive.I also used the click-shift-click feature for all extruded contours.
To get all the different fabric patterns masked out i used the fillmasks with my exportet previous handpainted masks and combined them.
The fine electronical circuits that cover the suit are made using the click-shift-click method.
The worn metall was painted to support the bad hightmap paint job :-)
Feel free to ask me questions about folds,conturs ect.

countless hours resulted in this detail-snaps so far ->
my sketchfab upload of Matney :-)

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Matching by name
 on: September 27, 2016, 01:19:48 pm 
Hello fellas,

i wanted to ask if the baking works in a correct way if you have objects named


meaning the usage of an underscore before the _low/_high  sufix?

Hi fellas,
i started using substance at our company and ran into a problem.
If i do the high/low mesh Texture baking all works fine.I have all meshes named correctly,so it seems the normal map and all others come out just fine.
I only have troubles with the AO map and thickness map (see attachments)

i hope you have an advice here :-)

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