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Hi Fellas,
Iam using shortcuts like CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+RMB since 2017x.
Now we cant map them no more on new installations of the actual SP., any workarrounds?
I map them because CTRL+SHIFT+ LMB /RMB are already mapped.

Hi fellas,

I wanted to know if IRay can render SSS objects with mesh parts which are fully transparent..
I know it works with the PBR_SSS_alpha-blending. But dialing in the sss on that one sucks.

-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-blending - supports transparency but no SSS
-Pbr-metal-rough-with-alpha-test - supports  SSS but no transparency

any thoughts on this isse?

Dear Allegorithmic team,
i understand that you want to unclutter the workspace - but please give us back that isolate texture set button (solo).
Its much easier when your holding a wacom pen, then hitting up ALT-Q.
cant believe you removed it.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - curvature bake always from cache
 on: December 15, 2018, 07:50:16 pm 
Hi Fellas,
it seems iam running in a lot of problems since the latest builts.

this time - one loaded high mesh to bake on LowPoly.
All bakes work perfect.The curvature bake wont update.Its always the same.
tried to delete the *.assbin file.No success.

sometimes i then bake a normal map in another resolution.Then after that iam able to bake the curvature correctly.
It must be a cache problem.
Any suggestions?

Hi Fellas,
i baked quiet some stuff in the past.even bigger meshes.But this time i have trouble with undecimated meshes from zbrush.
highmesh is about 25.million polys for 16 subtools which i exportet as one single fbx from zbrush.
iam able to import this file into 3d Studio max and it matches the position of my low mesh.

baking in SP throws me an error - it could not find the high poly mesh - some know this error.Its very common on this board.
i know poly max count is about 50 mil at SP.
So could this be my file size beeing over 1.5gb on the highpoly mesh?

Another question would be how substance handles this 50mil max polys.Can i attach multiple high meshes with each maxed at 50mil polys.Or does the 50mil limit stand for ALL high meshes in the bake list alltogehter?

Hi fellas,
i wanted to ask if this is a bug in the latest 2018.3.0 or a common problem.

i habe a paperthin (one side) object.When i take a look at it from the rear side - i can just look through the objekt.
Is there an Option to backface cull?

Hi fellas,

i wanted to input metall/rough maps into a basematerial and generate outputs to have a sbsar file published for substance painter.
Iam not understanding the correct process behind this when it comes down to parent space vs absolut.
My first tests result in a very large sbsar file which wont really show all the details in substance painter.It reacts on resoultion changes-yes- but never shows its full res.

whats my mistake here?

Hi fellas,
i had some chats in the past with you guys,since then everything worked good.
Today i needed to paint something and experienced a strange behaviour in my project.

as soon as i want to project some textures /stencils in project mode SP stalls.
I cant attach a log,as i wont get none.

my hardware is a I7 7700k + nvidia 1070 + 32gb ram.on a M2HDD!

never ever had problems to stencil anything in the past..ever.

Info that might be important :
-i have the PBR shader with alpha chosen.
-latest nvidia experience driver.

Hi fellas,
iam not very experienced in SD and run into an issue.
When i use a 1280X1280 crop of a stone image i wont be able to have it scaled down/and up correctly after published as *sbar.
Only when i set the image node itself to absoulte 4k it works in Substance Painter.
(big con:It takes a long time to calculate + all nodes behind it get the higher resolution)
When i set it to parent, this results in banding when loaded into Substance Painter. -showing me that it exports some low res version only,and not scaling it up.

its obvious iam doing somehting wrong :)

see attachment

Iam used to defend substance at any point.

But honestly this resource update function is driving me nuts.
First thing, it is not selfexplaining - youre never sure what exactly the issue is and which item is meant exactly, as for example shapes (alphas) are no not named that way in the shelf.

Almost every single time i clicked on update resources my workfile got corrupted and the log prompts me about corrupted textures without ending.

like those:
[ResourceImage] Failed to load image content from file. (The texture has been corrupted)
whatever this crypto code means.In fact it would help us much more when it would tell us what texture is meant exactly or what the problem is.

Anyway, if you save after the update of some resource it is most likly to get a corrupted file which cant be opened anymore.

Every single time i try that button i get punished.

Sorry for that Allegorithmic - but that one sucks.Especially if it turns to give you all kind of weirdo troubles.For example i once was baking all maps of one texture Set (udim 13) again, and it just wouldnt bake the normal anymore - how strange is that?
Going back 1 file version baking works flawless.

PS: i have 19 Texture sets (udims plus 6 instances across 3 texture sets/ of some colors ect)

Hi fellas,
i want to save UV space and have UVS ovlerlaying.(gloves of a character which both share the same UVs).
I thought this might be a good idea as my character is non symmetrical.This way i could paint on one glove and have both painted at once.
Problem is that the baking results in artefakts in this case.Anyway to avoid this?
I know that game characters are using this method - but it could be they first make the UVs  + texture - then duplicate the geometry to the other side?

Hi fellas,

i saw the live stream about the 2017.4 featurs and tried it out right now.
So far so clear about instancing folders.
But in the video one guy requests what might be what iam trying..

I want to have an orange fill layer across 3 texture sets on choosen parts only.
Ans i cant paint masks on each instanced layer i wont be able to control the areas where the color has to be.

Would the only solution be to use an ID mask to choose parts?
I guess this means i have no chance to custom paint some areas.Like an orange strip on the body and an orange strip on the head?
In the video it sounded as this is not possible yet.

-edit - ok i found how to do it :-D

-create folder
-put layer inside (instance it across the texture sets).
-put a mask on the folder and enjoy.

We are trying to write a little script to set the Size (Resolution) of TextureSets.
But so far we do not know how to access the Size Parameter and change the value.
Can the support guys help us out if possible?

Hello felllas,
i thought id save Polys for my Cloth Mesh and only export them One sided from Zbrush.
In Substance Painter i encounter Various Problems.

-First the Import says:
[Scene 3D] [FBX] : Mesh normals are invalid (some values are null) and will be recomputed

-second my Bakes dont look very good, especially AO and Thickness.I tried to use the ignore Backfacing On and Off, not a big change in this case.Its more like the thickness map cant be generated correctly as the mesh has no..yep.Therfore the thickness map looks more like an AO.In any case it might be pointless to generate a thickness map for cloth anyway.

Any suggestions from you?Should i make them thick - or is there a Double sided shader or Function i yet dont know?

Hey Substance crazies,

its a nice new feature you added autosave to SP 2017.3.
But my NAS and my Backupsystem find it not so funny to upload huge files all the time.
the even badest thing is that the Autobackup files have the same endings as the normal Substance painter files.
Meaning i cant tell my NAS to avoid them.
Also i cant change the directory theyre saved at.
hey just store into my Project folder :-D

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