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Also, what renderer are you using ? This may be a shadow terminator issue.

Using Renderman. Tried to improve quality settings, same result, will investigate how to improve the shadow terminator

Was this manually marked and unwrapped or did you use an auto tool? This UV map is all over the place. You have tiny UV islands all around.

Is there anyway you can share the project file so someone can look more closely? It usually helps to either see the project or if people provide a high and low so we can bake and duplicate what you're seeing to answer.

Yes, manually marked, auto-unwrap in 3D Coat. My main concern was to avoid distortions on the hull and get as large an area as possible in just one tile (knowing how close I would get the camera when rendering).

Those tiny islands are from details that I knew wouldn't be very visible.

Am I wrong assuming I don't need a top map when using just triplanar projections?

Here is the map (tried a larger size, would stuck forever 'uploading')


Here is a final render (Maya), you can see the normal problem (bump a bit exagerated for better viewing). Tried OpenGL, DirectX, inversions, etc.

I didn't have such problem in previous Pianter versions.


Even using just fill layers and Tri Planar Projections, I'm getting UV seams all over the places. Am I doing something wrong or is this some kind of bug?

The following example is for normal + height, but it happens with all available channels.

When using the Photoshop plugin, it seems to ignore my settings (for only one texture set export, for example).

It always sends out everything and opens in Photoshop dozens of documents when my intention was to have just one texture set exported.

If at least it just saved files to disk, I could then open just the desired document, but it opens everything in Photoshop.

I've just sent one now.

Whenever I try to import some materials not installed with Painter, it crashes instantly (materials from Substance Source, for example).

If, instead of importing, I place the materials directly into the Shelf folder, Painter crashes while loading.

Windows 8.1, Dell i7 Processor, AMD R9 270 (followed the suggested Registry changes in order to avoid crashes on Dell machines).

Right, any idea of when will it be available for download?

After upgrading from 5.3 to 5.5, I get the message saying nvcuvid.dll is missing.

The program seems to open anyway, but when I try to open a substance file, nothing shows on both Graph and 3D view.


Here are the updated versions of the Maya plugin. These versions have not been integrated into Maya and they are considered to be beta at this time. These plugins contain the support for Substance Engine 5. They also introduce the new PBR workflow. For Maya 2016, you can use the PBR mode to create PBR outputs that hook into the Stingray PBR shader.

substance_plugin-maya -
*we now add an installer for both mac and windows for easy installation and updates.


I'm having trouble trying to use Substances in Maya 2014.

Just downloaded the most recent Maya 2014 plug in, but my Norton antivirus won't even give me the chance to decide if I'm really wanting to run it (it is being killed on arrival).

The 2013 or 2015 versions are accepted (with a caution warning), but after trying them I had no success, the old Substance nodes I had in Maya even disapeared.

Substance Integrations - Autodesk Maya - Smart Tiles
 on: August 03, 2013, 05:00:50 pm 
May I use the Smart Tiles product with Maya? It seems to work like 'Make It a Parquet (or Brickwall)', but the product page mentions only Unity as compatible.


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