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I also want to add that the Shortcuts preferences register the pen buttons just fine, it's the viewport that does not.

Let me share this with the team.
Did you submit a bug report, so we can get some more info about your hardware?

Submitted a bug report.

My students are supposed to start using Painter next week. Most have Huion tablets, a few XP-Pen and a few Wacom. We recently purchased dozens of Painter licenses for my course and future courses. The summer version has 100+ enrollments. I cannot ask my students to buy a specific tablet brand.

Still no solution for this???

Downgrading drivers lets me use the pen buttons, but no sensitivity. The latest drivers are the opposite: sensitivity but pen buttons don't work.

This is a deal-breaker and a HUGE oversight... I'm baffled.

Downgraded and it has not fixed the issue for me. Using a Huion H950P.

Same issue here with a Huion 950P... I cannot believe this hasn't been addressed yet.

Despite this being a HUGE issue for my professional work, I'm about to teach a course for hundreds of students and the vast majority owns Huion tablets. What I'm I supposed to tell them? That they won't be able to use Painter??? Buy a different tablet? Neither are viable options.

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