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Hahaha, very nice  :D

And a new Substance DEsigner 3.5 Sneak Peek. Getting hot: the highly anticipated, fast and live link between Adobe Photoshop and Substance Designer!

With this feature, you will be able to read any .PSD file and pick the layers you want to see exposed as individual nodes in your graph.

The beauty of it? If you do a modification of one or several layers in Photoshop and save your file, the nodes (hence the whole graph) will be automatically updated in Substance!

This means you can still use Photoshop for what it is good at (like painting) and have the power of non linear texture creation with Substance.

How do you like that one? :)

And while we're at it, a new sneak peek (I bet you will like that one): this new iteration of Substance Designer (to be released next week, woot!) will include a high poly - low poly tangent space normal map baker. No need to use an external tool to do so, generate the Normal right within the graph and update it at the speed of light until you get the result you really want.

Let us know what you think! :)

We never give up!

Maybe moving to France isn't such a bad idea after all!  :)

Hahaha, see? :)

I'm really excited about multi-materials. But all my woes will be over when you announce Modo integration  ;)

Well, stay tuned ;) (maybe not in the very short term, but not too long from now either ;)

Will their be training video available for the new products?

Yes, we'll try to produce as many as we can!

hm, okay, i'll need to be patient then...

tanks fpr the heads up!

We will do a closed beta at some point after GDC, so we should include you definitely!

Unity 4.1 has just been released, and the big news (according to us at least ;) ) is that it now embeds by default Substance Engine for Mobile!

See what that means on the link below, but in short: B2M is in our humble opinion a NO BRAINER to every unity, 3D, mobile game developer willing to control the size of their games...

Let us know what you think!

And the link:


Awesome news, indeed! I am so tuned, you cant actually imagine how much! ;D

edit: i do so hope that your "surprise" is 3d painting! :O

Yes, we see you're tuned: and we APPRECIATE your support!

Not this time ;) but still a very very nice thing, hugely requested...

very nice! you didnt show explicitly, so i wanted to ask, does it make the "bitmap paint" node faster, too?

Yes :) in fact, repercussions of your paint strokes along the graph will be way faster indeed. And as Nicolas said, we integrated a little surprise in SD 3.5 in terms of painting workflow, stay tuned!

And now, some performances improvement:

Really really really makes a huge difference: I bet you will LIKE that one ;)

We don't plan to stream nor record the session for two reasons:

- First part will be dedicated to Substance Designer 3.5, to be launched 2 days later, which means all the demos we will be doing will be put online, either on our website or on our Youtube Channel.

- Last part will be dedicated to the roadmap for Substance, and some confidential information will be delivered, so we don't want that to be accessible immediately.

But we will try to share as much as we can, as soon as we can :)

No grouping feature unfortunately ;) just colour stream vs grayscale stream.

Not sur what you mean by "is it possible to automatically add the compuation time up to a certain node?"? By default, these times are displayed automatically on all nodes. And if you talk about the sum of a given sub graph, you can just actually DO a subgraph from this section and you will then have the time this meta filter takes in the overall process.

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