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Congrats on your win!!! Well done!

Sorry about that, just got back from work.

Did a very quick test, and so far so good. I realised the issue I was having; the areas where the heightmaps seemed soft were due to texture density; I just did not have enough resolution available to implement height at such a minuscule scale. Additionally, since I did my heightmaps by hand (apart from the clock face that is) there might have been points where either I forgot to fix the spacing, or due to the shape of the brush it created weird artifacting. I think I will employ your methods from now on though, as I ignored the modifiers (like blur) and just came to realise how powerful these things are.

I did a small comparison between using stencils and alphas, and it doesn't seem to be that big of a difference, though I feel that with the stencils I might have more control compared to hand painting them.

It is a rushed test, so nothing definitive, but I'll see if I can sharpen up the evil twin in the next coming weeks. He can't keep looking that ragged with a such a well dressed brother now can he? :D

Looks awesome! Good luck!!

Ah brilliant!

Same with my Mat, first real texturing of the sorts :)

I'll check out your method, and will report back with results. Cheers for the info! Good luck in the contest - though I think you have it in the bag :D

Can't help but stare in awe at your progress every time you post. Incredible!

I wanted to ask how you get your heightmap edges so clean? Once you submitted, may I ask for a quick step-by-step on how your layers are set up on a cog or something. When I did mine, the cog seems to bulge out from the mesh, rather than have a hard edge (even with hardness set to 1).

Cheers! And keep up the amazing work!

I can imagine it's gotta sting a little though that someone had a similar idea, even if you didn't enter to win.

The clockwork concept gave itself via the rounded shape, so it wasn't that surprising people went with it. On the other hand, I haven't seen many people go with the clockwork internals (or at least haven't seen any as of yet), so I can still feel unique in this competition... for now :P

And here is the kicker. Having my work compared to Pavel Vlasov's in my eyes is tremendously positive feedback. I've only started practising / learning 3d a year ago, and whilst I don't know Pavel's circumstances,  I can tell he is an extremely talented and precise artist. And that is something I aim to be in the future. If anything the comparison is making me proud, that I can do something that's recognisable

So any sting which would have came in the first few seconds quickly turned into a goal to strive for.

Allegorithmic's decision to keep the model very bland and generic was a good choice.  Imagine if they have actually modeled a human face, think of the creativity we would have missed out one.

Completely agreed. If there would have been a face I probably wouldn't even had attempted texturing.

Thanks guys for the positive feedback :) Appreciate it loads!

He's like the evil twin of that other submission with the clock face :p

I know exactly which submission you mean. When I saw it my jaw dropped  :o
His work is way more cleaner -and not just talking about the overall look- his height maps are way more precise and well defined than what I am capable at the moment. But its all about learning, so don't mind being the evil twin ;D

Im pretty sure you can use custom alpha brushes; From what I understand you can't use another program to fully "complete" the textures, and then import/bake them; the brunt of the creative process should be done in substance.

I might be wrong though. :)


I did a similar concept to yours, though went the opposite of sharp. Loving the level of detail!

Soo... This is a catch-up of the last couple of days progress (as I didn't actually have time to write up what I was doing) towards my entry for Ultima Forsan.

As a texturing exercise I was already looking into how I could model clock internals, and was already thinking of doing something steampunk-like when I found out about this contest.

I found images of clock internals online, and picked something less complex but with more variation in colour. I wanted to paint this onto my model, but the lines were not coming through cleanly.

I started with the modelling phase in Maya. I was determined to create an alpha texture to then use as a brush

Then finally completed model;

I then used the Zdepth renderer (first time ever) to create a height map

When trying to place the mask correctly onto the model I was not happy with the placing, so decided to scale the height map to the actual UVs

This was the output once I made an ID map as well.

I did not like the colours the ID map came out with, so instead, I decided to use the ID colour mask to create colours. Sadly the program did not like it too much

So I went ahead and started painting in the textures by hand. In a way I felt this was more true to the guidelines and rules as per the competition

At this stage I wasn't 100% with my colour scheme, but in my head I was creating masks which I could change later, so kept working on

After the head was complete, I started thinking about the body;

Whilst trying to figure out how the end result would look like, I started re-watching Firefly for the 1001th time, so that greatly influenced the outcome.

I found this awesome material on substance share named couch, which was on the model for over 80% of the process.

Next was fixing up the arms and adding small details to the coat, boots, etc... The details were all painted onto the model

At this point I was quite happy with the outcome. But I still felt that something was missing. After seeing some other entries where the talented artists used heightmaps to create creases in the textures I started experimenting as well, and finally ended up with the following result (sadly, I did not document the steps).

And eventually, the final result;

Once all texturing was done, I was thinking of a good quote to put on the pedestal. That is when I came across the Latin phrase "Ultima Forsan" which is a memento mori ("remember that you have to die") - a medieval Latin Christian theory and practice of reflection on morality. Public clocks would be adorned with motto such as "ultima forsan" which translates to "Perhaps the last" (hour). 

When I found this motto, the project grew a bit closer to my heart, as we lost a dear family member in the last years, who was a clock maker, so in a way its paying homage to the trade.

Well that was my turbulent week of no sleep and learning Substance painter! I'm pretty sure all SP2 users will have a collective heart attack on the amount of layers used (I love non destructive processes), but in the end it worked out.

And the final submission

Hi Res images and sketchfab model is on my artstation:

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