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Quick heads up to all contestants, the deliberation period has been extended by 10 days - as per twitter.

Ive been eyeing up this project for quite some time, and must say, you really set the bar high!!

Im pretty certain you'll make it to the podium! Good job

Managed to RDP to my home computer (from across the globe) and sped up my rendering times substantially
Here are the final renders

More renders in the pipeline :)

I would like to thank Allegorithmic and all the sponsors creating these contests, they really get the creative juices flowing in the whole community. Here I was thinking I'll visit family and spend some time with them, but ended up painting cars xD (would do it all again.. maybe with more time left for rendering xD )

I wish everyone best of luck!!

daaaayum!!! Looking friggin' sexy! Amazing job

Good luck!

Finally finished the project, the roof gave me a bit of trouble, but really happy with the outcome.

I wish I could refine this project even more - but sadly with my laptop I need at least 14hrs per render (1920x1080) so going to step back and consider it finished.

Let the rendering begin!!

Gorgeous piece of work. Love how you have the artists' names on the plates XD

Thank You!!

Will be posting an update soon :)

I finally got around to working on the tires, glass and other elements. Sadly Substance crashed on me a couple of times overnight, lost some work, but nothing too major (thanks to the autosave function woo!)
I still can't figure out what to put on the top of the car, probably need some rest before I tackle that section.
In the meantime Ive been testing how far I can push this laptop - render wise... bit worried, but hopefully it will work... might need to give it extra time to render :D

Bit of an update

Moved and blended the front to remove the iconic town from Van Gogh's painting (works better with the car) and did the same with the sides.

Also finally started texturing on Body C, as well as some of the glass elements. I probably pulling another all nighter to get ahead of the rendering times.


Quick Render test:

Looking awesome! Keep up the good work :)

Wooooaaaah. This looks amazing! Awesome job!!!

Oh wow, loving the style!! Cant wait to see it finished :) Keep up the awesome work

So... first of all, I am super late to this competition xD

Im off on holiday, so I don't have my setup with me, as a result, painting the car with mouse and keyboard was my only choice... So I looked at artists who have very clean straight line styles, and immediately Piet Mondrian comes to mind with his famous abstract paintings.

I got the original idea from running the "fracture" particle effect around the car. Sadly this generated a lot of "loose ends", so I decided that i'll go through manually, and draw in the lines

I then envisioned how the painting would shift if one would speed through said painting, and decided that the squares would shift, and become smaller towards the beginning of the car (Doppler effect ftw!)

Then I looked at adding a twist, something clashing with the abstract "clean" look of Mondrian's art. I wanted to create the feel that the car ran into a puddle, and the splashes depict an impressionist's artwork, like Monet.

Sadly the original experimentation with Monet did not read too well, even after trying various methods to make the puddles "pop"

So I went back to the painting canvas, and looked at artists whose work would 1, be more recognisable (even if parts of the painting is hidden/cropped/squished) and 2, their artwork is less clashing with the clean look of Mondrian. And then I came across Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, and remembered that I actually lost to an amazing piece in the Meet Mat competition where the artist took Van Gogh's style and made their texturing in that fashion.

Sadly, as I don't have the tools (or talent) to paint something similar, I decided to import the Starry Night and see how it worked

This is currently where I am at. Still need to make the painting pop a bit, so will be playing around with that in the time I have left.
Oh also, I havent even touched the other parts of the car (only Body A and B) so there will be a lot more updates in the coming 2-3 days.


Deleting the filter, and placing a "Matfinish Brushed Linear" filter gives the opportunity to rotate, as well as has the correct spelling. It seems that the Steel smart material might be using an older filter, which still has the spelling mistake.

Hi Guys,

Just messing around with the steel smart material, and I can't get the Finished Brushed Linear Filter to rotate (no option to do so).

Bug Report (?)
Additionally, Just found that the filter has a spelling mistake -> Lenght instead of Length. Unless thats intentional (in which case if Urban dictionary is right, it raises more questions then answers xD)


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