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The link you posted ( ) refers to a 'Substance Launcher Integration' , but the link refering to it is just the main Substance download page?

I don't see anything about a plugin to be updated/integrated?

The link is the launcher link!
It is what is downloaded at firstw hen you want to download Substance.

Once you have it installed, you can send assets from the Substance Source tab to Substance Painter the same way that you did with the Source in Painter integration.

I'm trying since 30 th of april, but they always answer with the same sentence:
"Your account has been validated. Simply sign in with the username and pw."

It looks like my colleague Jeffrey answwered your email to support yesterday with a solution, have you tried it?

@Kabum unfortunately there is no other way, if you write to they will be able to validate your account manually

Hi George,

The Substance Source in Painter has been depreciated as it was up to date anymore, and that the Launcher has the same functionalities and more, and that is it can be updated much more easily when there are changes on the Source side.

Hi @jailachance
I can see that 30points have been added to your account on April 30th.
Sometimes it can take up to 30 minutes (and very rarely a few hours) after a new subscription for the points to be added to the account.

Hi Thomas,

We don’t provide the Substance Source integration anymore in Substance Painter.
We encourage you to use Source in Substance Launcher, which has a better experience with the "Send To" Painter and which has more functionalities.

Could you please write to ?
Our team will be able to validate it for you.

Content - Substance Share - Re: Login problem Share
 on: April 27, 2020, 10:35:59 am 
@360 MEDIA GRAPHICS Could you please try to change your password by using the "I forgot my password" option and create a new password that does not contain any special characters?
Sometimes there are issues with that...
Then if you log in again with your new password it should work fine

Hi @rukas90

We used to have an online player where you could play with the parameters of the materials in real time and see the presets, however we had to disable it temporarily.

The team is working hard to be able to put it back online with even more functionalities, but unfortunately I can't give you any ETA yet

Hi @BobbyNS

On the Source platform you can still see the presets (when they are available) in the popup after the other previews. There are usuallu 3 of them.
They are not available for some older assets, which is what you might currently see.
When you download a material (sbs or sbsar) all the presets are always already included into the files.
Do you export the channels to use them into Redshift?
Then I would advise you to download the sbsar file from Source, open that into the Substance Player (can be donwloaded for free on the Substance Website).

The workflow would be this one for you (If I understood your need the right way):
1) Once you've opened your file you can select the "presets" button
2) you can select the different ones to make sure you have the one you like the most.
3) you can change the output size to the desired one, change the random seed to have a new variation with the same parameters, and you can also (if you want it) adapt your material to make sure it fist exactly your need with the exposed parameters: you can change here for example the number of pavers, the dirt, the color of the grout, the presence of clovers and sakura petals...
4) you can export the channels you need at the desired format

@BellaZelda It looks like you got your 30 points on April 4th and were able to download

Hi @Александр Аникеев 0

All assets shared on Substance Share are under the same copyright, so indeed you should credit Allegorithmic the same way you would have credited another author.

@BellaZelda We'll be checking why you have not gotten your points yet, let me get back to you on this

@D0K52 Substance Source points are included in the Substance subscription. They do not come with individual tools licences, which is why you have not been given any points.

Is this problem solved in the latest patch?

Not yet, the latest release is from February. You can have more info on what the updates are in each version in the release notes here:

Substance apps get automatic updates via launcher but you have to manually update integration plugin?

That is right.

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