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Hi @brovodo,

The issue is known and has been fixed, it will be released on Source soon

Hi @brovodo

We often do updates on the .sbs format (we add data, or change the way the data is saved in the file etc.), and to make sure everything works properly the file contains a number of file which corresponds to the version it was created in.

However it is possible that the sbs file created in a newer version could still work in your older version of Substance Designer.
You can try editing the version number of the file by editing the text file via a text editor, and see if it works.
To know which version number corresponds to your SD version you can open a .sbs you have created with this version of the tool.
You'll have to change those two attributes in the text, at the start of the file:
<formatVersion v=""/><updaterVersion v=""/>

I hope it works!

Hi @acecombs

Has it always been that way or was it only this time when you tried to load the Source website?
If you have recurring problems using the website I would advice you to try using the Launcher, which has a Source tab that I've been told is very quick to load.

Hi, could you please email so our support team can try solving the situation? Thanks a lot!

Hi @gatorNic

Unfortunately we are not able to add the Google login on Substance Source/the forum.
However when the account was created using a Google login a popup should have appeared for the creation of a password.
With this password it is possible to access your account on the main website, Substance Source and the forum the way you would do with a regular account.

Would you be able to get a hold of this password?

We've been working on an alternative solution that would fix your problem, but it is too early to tell you more about it

Hi Faz,

Unfortunately it is not possible at the moment to group purchases of materials.
However it is an interesting idea!
Could you please add it to uservoice? It helps us know what to concentrate on first so it helps the most users.

Hi @Marco Chacon 1

Could you please try again now?
There was a temporary problem but it should be back to normal now.

Is there a solution for Google chrome?  I can not sign out of my account.  There is no "X" to click to sign out.

Hi, could you please tell me which version of Google Chrome you are currently using?
There should be a X next to "My account" at the top right corner of the page.

If you can't find one please let me know, but in the meantieme you can visit the folloging link and you will be logged out.


Could you please contact sales(at)allegorithmic(dot)com so they can work on finding a solution for your specific case?

Thank you

Content - Substance Source - Re: Source Home Page
 on: April 04, 2019, 06:08:21 pm 
We are aware of the issue and have been working on solving it.
Right now it does look quite horrifying when you are not prepared for it!

Hi @conradsly
Have you been able to login since?

Hi @spacegeek

Indeed it looks like a problem occured at some point and that you were not credited the points you should have.
They have now been added to your account.

Sorry for the trouble this caused you!


There are two type of pro licences that give access to Substance source.
The first one (which is probably what you have here) is a Substance Source site licence. Your company can share materials between the studio, and it is possible to download the whole library. It is possible to do that from the Allegorithmic account that owns the licence.
If that is your case, you need either to ask to have the access to the account, or ask the company staff to download the entire library and send it to you/put it on a server which you can access.
The other possibility is the substance Pro Subscription, which gives you access to 30 material downloads per month. As it node-locked per user, you should also have access to the Allegorithmic account to log in and download the materials from the Substance Source website.

Hi Ivan,

Indeed it has been slow earlier today, it is back to normal now but don't hesitate to let us know if it happens to you again

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