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hi @SyArt

Most likely yes, but could you please email me at [my last name] (at) adobe (dot) com so I can put you in contact with the person at Allegorithmic in charge of those types of research cases ?

Thanks a lot

Hi @spiritualcore

When Substance Source was released in 2016, download points were given to the owners of perpetual licences of Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M.
However, that was an exceptional thing to celebrate the release of this new service, and after the release points were not given to people who purchased or upgraded their permanent licences.
It has always been advertised that Substance Source was part of the Substance subscription (called Substance Live at the time).

It sometimes takes up to a few hours for the system to give you the points, but from what I can see in your account they have been credited to you and you should be able to use them now.

Hi @UmbrellaSoftware

To use a custom pattern for this material you need to activate the pattern and the custom pattern in the "pattern" section of the properties before dropping your bitmap in the image input.

When I click on plus to add these 3 layers, I don’t see them in the list

That is normal, they are not present by default.
you can add your own layers.

The step by step to fix your problem (I just tried it it should work)
- In the texture set settings click sur the "+", click on User0.
Rename this channel "refraction" without any capital letter
- Import the glass material as a base material.
- launch a first iRay render. there, you will deactivate the post effects in the "display settings" tab, and the Sub Surface Scattering in the "shader settings" tab. close iray.
- In the Material Properties, click on "refrac" as it is not activated by default.
- Launch Iray.

It should work then!

Hi @Dmitriy Kobtsev 0

What you have to know when using glass in Substance Painter is that it will not have the proper look when using the real time OpenGL viewer. However, it should work properly when using the iRay render, or your render of choice once you have exported your project, so you can work in Painter the way it is now and once exported it will have the desired look.


The outputs circled in red are necessary for all shaders and renderers to see glass materials properly. they are already included in the Source material in question.

To have your material look like that in Substance Painter (here in iRay)

Please make sure your texture set setting look like this


The team has been working very hard on a major drop, and it's the reason why the releases have been slowing down a bit this summer. I paste here what was said in the blogpost about the future release:

Substance Source: New Materials are on The Way

This one is for the lovers of extreme realism: archviz experts, VFX, and game artists. Substance Source is expanding its material library with more than 400 new procedural materials for architecture. This brings the total to around 600 customizable materials for interior and exterior creation. Expect them coming your way in a few weeks!

Excited? We have more in store for you. A set of high-quality scanned surfaces and atlases will help you take your environment work to the next level.

The materials dedicated to architecture, the new scanned surfaces and new atlases will be released in the 2nd half of 2019.

After this it is planned to release new materials every month, which is still our objective. There we just wanted to make sure we released a high variety of materials of the highest quality, as there is a high demand for those type of materials.

Regarding the download of images and the possibility to filter by download date, we'll do our best and I'll be adding it to our future plans for the platform

Hi Joe,

Substance Source downloads are only available via the Substance Subscription. Perpetual licenses of Substance Painter or Substance Designer don't provide Substance Source downloads.

If you want additionnal information or would like to make a change to your licences to have access to Substance Source, please email

Hi @phunkidude
To have a translucency map for this material what I would advise would be to take the opacity map, revert its greyscale value and maybe play a bit with the levels, and you would have a perfect translucency map!

Hi @jackgriffiths

This material is shown in the render on Substance Source using the MDL format. It only works in a few renderers such as Iray or V-Ray, and allows to create more complicated materials than the regular format allows, adding a coating or anysotropy here of example.
As @onepixeldeep explained, it is possible to reproduce the same effects using specific options of other renderers such as Octane, Arnold etc.

Hi @19Faiz91

Substance Source is only included in the Substance subsctiption, which can only be found on the Substance website.
There is no discount available with Steam purchases

Are you using only international caracters in your password?
If not, could you please change it so it only includes those?

@NevTD do you still have the issue?
If so, could you please let me know which version of which browser on which OS you are using?
It will help us figuring out where the problem comes from

When exporting maps from the Substance Player, you can see your material in the 3D view, 2D view etc and there is a "Parameters" tab.
There, you can modify a lot of parameters. For this material for example you can change the output size of course, but also the water density, color, scale of the water drops etc.
To remove the water drops from the default preset please put the "Water density" parameter to 0, as shown on the following image.

To use the presets in the Substance Player there is a "Presets" button next to the name of the material on the Parameters tab.
As shown on the following image, you can choose the preset you want to use, and you can keep customizing said presets with the parameters.

Please let me know if that answered your question!

Hi @menizzi

Could you please let me know where you use the materials from Substance Source? Is it directly in Painter, do you export your maps from Substance Player, do you use them in an integration?
So I can make sure I give you the solution that answers your questions

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