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I would advise you to post your message in the relevent channel on the integration board, as they will be able to answer you and have the latest news on the Source plugins in the integrations

The Painter team has been notified and they are on it!
Sorry for the trouble, the Substance Source website stays available in the meantime.

You should go and have a look now  ;)

1- Yes, you can tweak these parameters in Substance Painter, as well as in Substance Alchemist and in the integrations (Unreal, Unity...). You don't have to re-download the files, as what you get is a customizable file and not a "dead" texture. You can just tweak it!
The 3D player on the Substance Source website is there to give you an idea of the full possibilities of the materials.

2- Even if you don't have to re-download the materials to customize them, if you want to do so you can without spending more points.
You own a licence to the asset, so you can download the same asset as much as you want and it only costs 1 point the first time you download a new asset.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Fix Synthetic Felt Rough
 on: October 01, 2019, 11:04:19 am 
The asset has been updated.
Don't hesitate to let me know if you see other issues in materials!

Content - Substance Source - Re: Fix Synthetic Felt Rough
 on: September 27, 2019, 02:38:55 pm 
We're taking a look at this!

Hi FootloseCreative,

As it is explained on the Source FAQ, on the Source website and on the product page, Substance Source is only available for people who have a subscription.

What you have purchased on Steam is not a year subscription of Substance Painter, as we do not sell subscriptions there.
It is a permanent licence of the tool, which means that at the end of the year you'll stop receiving updates, but that you'll be able to keep using the tool forever (and not just for one year).

If you need some Substance Source points you indeed have to subscribe. You don't have to be an active subscriber to use you points, meaning that if you take a subscription and then cancel it before the end of the month you'll keep your points.

Would you have a friend or family member who would allow you to use their credit/debit card for this, and once the subscription is launched you cancel it and the credit card number from your account?
Or do you have a possibility to use paypal? (unless you are from Germany, where Paypal does not work for monthly subscriptions)

If that is not possible unfortunately I can't see a solution for you

Hi @ssbeih

They are coming soon, you won't have to wait much longer
We just want to make sure the materials are as perfect as possible, which is why it takes a little bit longer than planned

Hi Jean François,

As far as I can see your points have been added to your account.
Some times it takes up to 30 minutes for the points to be added to the account after the purchase of a new subscription, which is why you did not see them immediatly.

Content - Substance Source - Re: Next Substance Source Drop
 on: September 09, 2019, 01:43:56 pm 
Hi John,

I promess you won't have to wait for much longer before you get your hands on those materials!
I can not tell you any precise date as there are still a few adjustments made to them to make sure they are perfect but it is coming :)

We're having a few issues with our web services including Source this morning, we are investigating it.
Thank you for your patience!

Hi John

From what I can see in your account, the points from your subscription are usually added on the 29 or 30 of each month.
There is a small difference beween the date of the start of your subscription and the date your points are awareded, but don't worry it does not make any change to the number of points you will receive, even if at one point you decide to cancel your subscription.
You will of course receive 30 points per month of subscription.

After checking again it is indeed only possible in substance Designer, sorry about that!

First change your parent size to 8k, second do a right click on the name of the sbs, then click on "Export Outputs as bitmaps".
There you will be able to choose the maps to export and the format you need them in

Hi Amine,

You can open your materials in the Substance Player (it's a free tool you can download on our website) or in Substance Designer and export the channels from there in 8k

hi @SyArt

Most likely yes, but could you please email me at [my last name] (at) adobe (dot) com so I can put you in contact with the person at Allegorithmic in charge of those types of research cases ?

Thanks a lot

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