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it depends from the materials you are talking about!
For the new parquet materials it is not possible to modify the tiling, you have to tile the whole material.
Regarding the older materials, it is possible to change the amount of tyles in X and Y in the parameters of each material, and you can increase the X and Y amounts so that you have more tiles in the same space.

I'm not using the latest build. I'm using 2019.2.0.

If you can not update Painter it is possible for our users having a Substance Painter < 2019.2.3 to use the updated Source plugin, you will need to update your Source plugin in Painter.
See how to do so here:

The Substance launcher can help you keep your software up to date, keep up with the latest news and use the Substance Source tab to, when you have Painter open at the same time, send your materials directly to your project in Painter.

It can be downloaded for free here:

I let the team in charge of the integrations know, thank you for reporting the issue!

There is no way to download all the materials you own at the same time. However, if you go to the "My assets" page, you can filter the materials by format to only display the materials with the sbs format.

Hi @Cosmos_Dragon @Stephenskyy
Could you please let me know which way you are trying to access Substance Source?
Is it through the website, through the painter integration, trhough unity or unreal?

We had something slightly similar on Substance Source but it was removed from the platform more than a year ago.
Unfortunately, it is a material we don't have the licence for anymore so we can't put it back.
The need to get that type of material has been passed to the team of artists

My browser is Edge Version 44.18362.387.0

The issue on Edge has been fixed, it should wok fine now!
Please let me know if you run into any issues.

UE4 plugin still broken.

This issue has been fixed in Unreal, but is is not on the marketplace yet.
However you can download the latest version of the plugin that fixes this issue and install it manually.
You can find it here:,31054.0.html

I'm having the same problem but in Substance Painter

Clicking the Substance Source button has always worked before but now it just pop the logo and it's 'loading' but nothing ever happens

This issue has been fixed in the version of Substance Painter released yesterday.
If you use a Substance Painter version below 2019.2.3 and want to use the plugin Source, you will need to update your plugin Source in Painter. Here is the page in the doc which explains how:

Content - Substance Share - Re: Cant't download
 on: October 23, 2019, 05:54:48 pm 
Ok, thank you for letting me know.

I have tried to clear my browser cache and reload the page with no luck.
This screen is taken with the link provided. I can log in nicely enough.

My browser is Edge Version 44.18362.387.0
and OS is Win10 Pro Version 1903 build 18362.418

Thank you for the screenshots.
Indeed it looks like there is an issue with Edge, we are currently trying to resolve it.
In the meantime, you can use any other browser or use Substance Source via the Substance launcher, which will allow you to "Send to substance Painter" if you use it that way.

Sorry about the trouble

Content - Substance Share - Re: Cant't download
 on: October 23, 2019, 02:25:46 pm 

Could you please let me know exactly when you tried? Is it still not working for you?
Do you try downloading an asset in particular or is it the same for all assets you try to download?
Could you please let me know in which part of the world you are located?

As I'm not able to reproduce the issue, this will help us find where the problem you encountered might be coming from

It is possible to use the presets of a Substance material in C4D, as well as create new ones.

This option can be found in the normal Cinema 4D Material Editor selection menu, as shown in the screenshot below

Content - Substance Source - Re: Displacement missing
 on: October 22, 2019, 05:41:39 pm 
You can find information on how to add displacement on the Substance materials in the different integrations on this page:

Things are coming to make that easier, but there is no ETA yet.

In any case, on the Painter side the team has fixed the issue, they are testing the 2019.2.3 release and if everything goes according to plan it will be released quickly!

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