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Nevermind, the studio has agreed to upgrade Painter and Designer to 2020. Dear diary, today was a good day!

Please see this thread :,33259.0.html

Thank you for responding Cyrille, but in that post I'm unable to use ui_mgr as its something that was added to newer versions of SD and is not present on 2018.3. I'm looking for something like that ...

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Scripting - Get SBS File Location
 on: July 29, 2020, 02:25:32 am 

Apologies for the basic question, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the SBS file location of the file I have open currently in SD2018.3 even after going through some of the API documentation

Code: [Select]
import sd
import sdplugins

from LTools.Tools import Exporter

class ExportToTGAFullSize(sdplugins.Plugin):
    sPluginDesc = sdplugins.PluginDesc(
        aLabel = 'Export To TGA - FullSize',
        aTooltip = 'Exports the TGAs of the current Substance Graph to the Data Folder',
        aPluginLocation = sdplugins.PluginLocationMenu(sdplugins.MenuId.Scripts, 'LTools', 0),
        aIconFileAbsPath = '')

    def run(self, aContext) :
#How to get the current file location so exporter knows where to mirror this in Project>Data?
        Exporter.Export(ArtSourceFileLocation, 100)

# Register module classes

Basically what I'm looking for is something like: pm.sceneName() in Pymel/Maya which returns a value like-

Something like this but, in SBS format.... So

I also apologies for it being SD2018.3, but it is what our studio is running currently and I do not believe we are upgrading to a newer version of SD just yet :(


Hi guys,

Rather late to the party, but after sometime I've mostly settled down with my base concept. I'm going with robot Mat embracing a hippie human look. I'm trying for a fabric look to his jeans and coat, but hoping to make the art on his chest/face with a sort of mosaic stone look in place of typical hippie body paint. The face is meant to represent a sun although his 'face' is basically a display. His base material otherwise is anondised metal although I'll probably deal with this last.

Not 100% sure on where I'm going with this. I've only been studying Substance for a month or two in college so I'm not very confident with the software, but I plan on giving this my best over the next 2 days. Feedback and C&C is most welcome!

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