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Can we post the finished Files on Gumroad as well or is that limited to the Substance Share?



Yeah man you got this!

What do you have in mind for Parameters?




Current Setup for the tiny and middle big shapes ( Substracting those Shapes from a Unfiorm Color - the Mask is a Linear Gradient with the Big Shape substracted )


Thanks for the input Guys!

Now I feel bad for it being so easy...

So here's a Render of the Planks I did, abandonded the Idea since it felt to easy for this challenge, already had parameters and stuff and just needed tweaking I think but it was too simple.

Yeah directional warp seems to be the way to go, I currently plugged in two different noises to warp these shapes but still looking wrong.

So I did about seven different Materials which ended all in some dead End.

Maybe I will post a few of them if I find time, the ones more advanced are the ,,Alpha Wood Planks,, and the ,,Fish Scales,,.

For now I've been working the past couple days on this Material.

I think im pretty close with the base noise details on the Material and the Big Substract Shape ( still needs another Line and a bit of warp, maybe refining the edges)

also struggling with the tertiary holes and setting up a pattern that resembles that very natural warpy pattern that flows into another.

Lets see where I can take this in the next days especially with Parameters in Mind!

Looking forward to your Feedback!



Render in Marmoset:


PS: How can I make upload Images on here? Doesnt show an Imgur Preview either atm

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