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I am writing on here as I have a full Creative Cloud subscrition and I am curious as to when the Substance suite of products are to be available through my subscription not a seperate one.  In the UK it is illegal to write false or deceptive messaging on any advertising , I reference the section about "including false or deceptive messages". If I look at the Adobe Creative Cloud Plans & Pricing, which has first made sure I have gone to the United Kingdom section, the "All Apps" opening text says "Get our entire collection of creative desktop and mobile apps and services for designing images, graphics, layouts, user experiences, video and audio for print, the web and mobile devices." Is Adobe trying to say that the "Substance" suite of software is not creative, then please someone let me know how?  When descriptive text reads that the package contains "...our entire collection..." I would really like to know how this cannot include the Substance software?

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