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Ok thanks. Frustrating as last week it worked fine and the workflow to and from UE4 was very smooth and quick. This increases the workflow hugely.

Appreciate the reply though, thankyou.

@keston - any help here? You seem to be the go to person for LiveLink issues on the forums - I  have asked this question in a couple of topics, searched through previous issues by other users of the same nature and they never get an answer?

Hi - as of updating to the latest substance painter last week LiveLink no longer works in UE4 4.25 for me.

I can send meshes to Substance but it does not create or update any materials/textures in UE4

I have tried this in a couple of projects/different meshes and all the same.

Log File  in Substance says the following if I try to update the link from Substance -

[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_BaseColor(.$udim)' map
[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_Normal(.$udim)' map
[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic(.$udim)' map

Just to elaborate these errors are in the SP Log

[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_BaseColor(.$udim)' map
[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_Normal(.$udim)' map
[Plugin - dcc-live-link] No defined association with the exported '$mesh_$textureSet_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic(.$udim)' map

Hi, updated Substance Painter yesterday and the Substance/UE4 Livelink seems to have stopped working.  I can send models to substance from UE4 still but it no longer creates the material/textures in UE4 and updates them live. 

Is there an updated plugin required to match the new SP? I cannot see one anywhere.

I am using UE4 4.25 and plugin V4.25.0.1

Pixelation/Roughness issues when exported to UE4

I am using the Livelink to send 4k textures to UE4 - on import the details look blurry/bad and there is a lot of pixelation.

It seems this is on the Roughness channel (If I unplug the roughness on the roughness/metallic/AO node) It goes smooth but I lose the grunge details/scratches I have added which is not ideal.

Any idea what is going on here and what I can do to fix?

In UE4 textures are coming in at 4K no problem. Setup in UE4 is done by the Livelink plugin. I am computing tangent space/Direct X normal maps.UE4 Project Setup.

Thankyou -

here is a SP/UE4 comparison

Can you please elaborate more on the following -

Baking with Tri's - I dont see an option anywhere in the bake menu?

metal rough workflow - Not sure what you mean by that?

colour space correct per texture?

Many thanks

Hi, as the title says when I send materials to UE4 using the Unreal/Substance livelink plugin, when the textures get to Unreal they seem very grainy and nowhere near as smooth/glossy as they appear in SP.

Hard to get the lighting angles to show exactly what I mean.

Occlusion/Rough/Metallic is set to no SRGB etc - The plugin sets up the materials automatically

I am using 4k textures in TextureSetSettings and they are arriving in 4K ok as you can see by the screenshot.  I know the lighting scenarios are slightly different but there is clearly a difference in the smoothness of the materials even when baked in UE4.  They look a lot less smooth/glossy

Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Hi, Using LiveLink on UE4 4.25. Fresh install etc

Firstly -  when I try to send an object from UE4 (originally imported to UE as an FBX) to Substance I get the message

"No valid FBX file was found for this object, one must be exported. Please disable the "Collision" static mesh option in the export dialog that will open following this dialog"

This is fine - I generate a new FBX using the dialog and send to substance, it opens /links ok and everything.

However if I then make changes to my original FBX, re-import to Unreal then send it to substance it does not update the changes and seems to use the older Mesh in SP. Even if I delete the original object from Unreal and send it again.

Is there something I am missing here - I am wondering if it is related to the first message I get.  I wonder if SP is just using the intermediate mesh that Unreal created and this is not being updated somewhere in the middle.

The FBX is coming from Blender 2.8 - If I open it directly in Painter it opens no probs with the updates I have made -

I am guessing a fix to the first problem may solve this. Or is there a way to update the intermediate mesh it has created for SP?

Edit ** I should say that I have found if I delete the generated FBX found in my UE project/ SP_Textures folder I can generate a new updated mesh to send to substance however this means I lose all the texture work I have done so far as it treats it as a new FBX. Obviously not ideal - would be good to be able to replace it, keeping all the materials etc like you can using SP directly, or at least have the pop up reappear to be able to overwrite the FBX with a new one.

  I keep getting blurred Edges when i try to bake an IDMap using Vertex colours.

I am using a 4k project, 8k Bake with no AA

Images of the vertex colours in Blender, the problem edges and the IDMap bake + UV's

Any ideas?  Thanks

Thanks - how did you do it?  I have to position all these buttons in Blender on the original level mesh as there are 100's I guess I could assign each button a different material ID or something which I can then somehow pick up in UE4 blueprints and assign each number a material - or is there a better way than that? I guess doing it in UE4 also allows me to control some blinking etc if I want to which sounds good.

Hi, I am just starting out with Substance Painter and I was wondering what the method would be to produce emissive button textures like in the image below - basically a transluscent old-school plastic button but with light hotspots under the plastic, edges dull-lit etc.

I have a ton of buttons to do and ideally wanted to be able to easily change colours, lit, non-lit etc easily using some smart materials if I can.

Tried a few things in substance but not really getting good results.

They will eventually be used in Unreal Engine and I am wondering whether I should do the emissive there or in substance. Just wondered how someone with more experience might tackle this, what layers used etc?

Thanks in advance

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