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In game vfx its becoming more popular to make our textures using substance designer. However many artists that I talk to have been using FilterForge over it because of the exposed curve editor. Yes, they could open the substance graph to change the curve. But the goal of the "filters" is so that the user has the exposed control without having to worry of the insides of the graph. They do seem frustrated on how long it takes for them to render an image out of the software and sound like they would switch, if there was a Curve and Gradient Parameter. Would it be possible for these to be exposed to the API. I understand that implementing a curve editor outside of Allegorithmic software is an undertaking. But if they could be exposed in Substance Player I believe more realtime vfx artists would use the software. The curve editor for helping make useful value ranges for an effect. And the gradient editor for making lookup tables for particle color.


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