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I just updated the Intel until it was fully up to date again, but it is still not showing in the Device manager -> Display Adapters  :-\.

However, I created a new user on the PC and reinstalled Substance Painter from there.
It appears to work now, but only on the new user account. The original account (admin) is still showing a not-responding white screen.

I rather work only from the original account, so is there a way to make it work there as well?

No... Only a Geforce GTX and apperently an Intel i7, as I said, but I don't see where to disable the i7, if that's even possible

We have already gone trough about everything that could cause this (as I mentioned above).

The computer appears to also have an Intel I7, but when I go to the Device manager (-> Display Adapters) to disable it, it only shows the Geforce GTX 1070 Ti. I was advised to not turn the Geforce off.

So, is there anything else that we can try? Or prehaps disable the I7 somewhere else?

It's still the same with the 2.2 version. I have included the new log here.

Can someone please help? I am on a Pro license, and haven't even been able to use it...

Here's the log


I very recently (few days ago) bought Substance Painter Subscription here, and it appeared to work fine until I updated it to the newest version.

Now all that happens (even with older versions) is the program popping its start up window, but as soon as it actually starts, all that remains is a white window, saying the program is not responding.

I already went over everything that could cause it in the ''standard issue'' pages ( and, tried older versions, as well as changing the TDR value, changing the name of the default shelf within the program files (Substance Painter -> Resources -> Shelf -> Allegorithmic), and doing re-installations, but nothing has proven to work, so far.

I haven't been able to actually take the software in use now, so it isn't very likely that there are any preferences interfering.

Its about a MSI Desktop with a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti inside, is there anyone who can help?


I have exactly the same issue, and also already tried what's mentioned above and in the linked posts.
My computer only has 1 GPU, but unlike Raul, I can't minimize to make it work.

Is there anyone who can help?

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