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Hello PSNick,

I am sorry but, for now, materials exported by Substance Alchemist are not parametric.


Hi MehrRettig,

Indeed, left clicking on a layer in the stack should toggle the properties pane just on the left of the stack. Can you see this pane and it is empty, or can't you see it at all ?

You are talking about filters... does this mean you manage to have this panel for materials ?
I don't really understand what you mean by twitching. Would be nice if you could send us a short video of this. Could you also join the log file ?
Thanks for reporting the issue.


Hi Tarek,

The AI Powered image to material is only available for NVIDIA GPUs, with more than 2GB VRAM.
Could you send me your log file so I can check what’s going on ?
(It is located in %appdata%\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\log.txt)



Alchemist does not add spaces, unless your material name contains spaces. In the export popup, if you change the value in "Name" textfield to remove the spaces, you will have no spaces in the generated file names.
Furthermore, depending on your workflow, you could change the export preset (using Blender Cycle preset generates maps with no space in them)



For now, materials created in Alchemist cannot be tweaked once created.
You may modify your material by clicking on it instead of dragging in the stack. Then you could create a new version of it with the desired parameters before adding in a new stack.

Regarding your thumbnail issue, it may come from an issue with multiple monitors with diffirent resolution on MacOS. Could you please try to unplug your second monitor before generating a thumbnail ?


Hello Keith,

Could you tell me if you are using an export preset and in what format you are exporting your material ?
Are you using filters in your stack or does it happen on a very basic stack with a single material ?


Hello etie777,

For now, Alchemist exported material are no longer procedural, so this is a normal behaviour. You need to customize in Alchemist before exporting it.


Hello Peter

Is there a way to utilise the backup "appdata-folder" to get back the old Alchemist creations?

For the moment no. have you reported a bug for the crash you experience ? If your Alchemist database is not too big, maybe you could send it to me, so I'll have a look on what's wrong with it ?



I see.. I am just trying to find a material that I created in Alchemist, I could find Json files on my computer but I just can not see under my open project menu, it only shows some of my recent ones. That's the trouble..

Materials are not projects. A project is a list of collections, each collection containings multiple materials. When you open a project, materials are not displayed. If you are looking for a material, you can use the search bar on top of resources panel.


Hello pinarer,

Alchemist projects are not stored in dedicated files. They are only accessible from the file "open project" menu.
The list here contains all the projects you created using file "new project".

A project is a list of material collections, associated to a workflow. What are you trying to open ? A material ?


Created projects are stored in Alchemist Database. They all should appear in the list in "open project" window...

Could you please open another project and use search bar to find an asset you created in one of the missing projects (if you know its name)? It should be found, whatever the current project.


Hi Pinarer,
If you created this project with version 2019.1.0 or above, it should appaear in your projects list.

Could you have a look to C:\Users\Pin\AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist and tell me if there is any .bak file ?


Hello Pinarer,

Clicking "open project" should list all the projects you created in Alchemist, not only recent ones. If you try to open a project you created on another machine, then, you should use "import project" instead and look for the .alch file.

I can ensure you all the complaints you make about project management has been heard. It's a huge piece of work, but we'll find ways to ease all this in future releases.


Hi Digoddard,

Actually renaming a project is not possible for now. Projects are stored in global Alchemist database (somewhere in %appdata% if you are on windows). Deleting an individual project is not possible yet either.

You are not the first one complaining about this. A thought about projects files has been planned, and we may change a few things in a future release.


Hello msjphotography,

Actually, saving twice a material does nothing if you make no modification to it. This is something we are aware of, and will correct in a future Alchemist version.
In the meantime, I encourage you to make a slight modification before saving a new version.


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