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Okay I got it!  Sorry, had to do a bit of back and forth as I wrapped my head around how layers and channels corresponded to each other in Substance.  A bit different than what I'm used to, but it works now!

I do have a follow up... So when compiling my RGB Mix channel on export, I'm piping in the alpha of each User channel into a separate R, G and B channel and exporting that.  Works perfect.  The math on the map export is essentially an Add, plussing the colors together, which is great for most conditions, though sometimes I need a simple Over blend mode where one mask completely cuts out the other.  Useful for splitting out materials similar to how ID masks work.  Is there a way to change the blend mode from Add to Over on export?

Hello! I know its a really old post, but I would like to know how you made that! I'm not able to do that and I really want to understand how you have made it!
Thanks you!

Hi to all!

Here my latest texture made in designer,

Hope you like it!

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