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So to confirm.

the Drivers seem to be the issue.

Using the Nvidia Studio Branch Divers where the cause of the issue I switched to the latest game Branch drivers and the issues seems to be gone.

thanks so much for the help I really appreciate the support and the Quick reply I hope if any others seek help with this issue this will help them.



I was Using the Newest Studio Drivers Switching to the gaming branch and getting the newest drivers now.

Drivers don't fail me now.

thank you so much for the reply!

So not really sure how to go about this.

I will just Post my log and explain.
No matter the mesh What ever i drop in and time i have more then 2 layers or effects Substance out right crashes hangs for 5-7 minutes i have to force shutdown. i could be a cube a tank no matter the mesh. :'(

posting Log file

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