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I'm using FBX that doesn't seem to have that option in Zbrush as it is only of OBJ. But I have the same problem when exporting from 3ds MAX.

After trying in a clean file test it worked. Both low res and high res are separated FBX files and not integrated in one. Now I will try in a more complex project file as I did before and it didn't work.
This is what I did:
Save the 2  low subtools only in one FBX with _low suffix each subtool. Use this to create the project.
Save the 2 high subtools only in one FBX with _high suffix each subtool. Use this to bake all materials of both objects with the option match by name active using the defaults.

I was under the impression that the matching system was designed to use a single file that contains all objects and the name suffix of the objects would allow to isolate them in the baking. It seems explained like that in the tutorials. But whatever system I use, both high and low models  in the same file or in different files doesn't seem to work and I get artifacts of overlapping different objects. This seems to be also the problem of Japan_air but not sure if because the same reasons.

From the manual:
"What is baking by name matching ?
Name matching allow to filter the bakers to avoid mesh detection other than with specific meshes.
This give the ability to bake multiple meshes inside one texture at once without bleeding artifacts or the necessity to explode a mesh (by shifting parts away).
In order to be able to match a low poly mesh with its high poly, a suffix keyword needs to be defined to detect the common mesh name"

Then I suppose that there are several possibilities here
•   All objects low and high are in the same file with the correct suffix: Tried and it didn't work
•   Only the high res objects  are in one single file with the correct suffix: Tried and it didn't work
•   All high res objects are in individual files matching the objects  and the file has the correct suffix:  Not tried yet, is this the correct solution?

I tried also, it simply baked the two overlapping geometries, high and low, over the low one. Also it doesn't ignore the adjacent geometries. Used "match by name"

The names suffix are _high  _low and I'm aware it is caps sensitive. The suffix is at the end of the name and it is not repeated twice in the same name.

I used this file with high and low versions in the backing menu only. I'm not aware it must be used in somewhere else.

Well, the files come from Zbrush and the high res version simply will not load in Max. Max can not have 20 millions of polygons easily or at all. It will crash.

I typically send the low res version to Max to adjust the material names and fine tune the smoothing. The high res comes directly from Zbrush as material names doesn't matter. I could do what you say directly in Zbrush but Zbrush won't rename the materials with the object name leaving me with a list of anonymous objects materials. That is really confusing to use in Painter and I never know what part I'm selecting as also there is no way to select in Painter an object simply clicking over it.

I don't know why simply Painter is not able to use a file with the high res model only where all the objects names match. Otherwise I don't know how anybody can do this workflow with very high resolution models as I suspect Maya could have similar limitations about poly size than Max.

I'm trying to bake a single FBX with multiple objects coming from Max. The high subdivision version is another file where the objects have identical name. If I use this high res version as HR target in the baking the baking will be OK but with the typically problems of geometries too near as normals will be calculated with all objects together. It doesn't matter I use match always or by name.

Then I follow the instructions and I rename all objects with sufixs  _low in the main FBX and with _high in the high res FBX expecting to see the baking done individually in all objects. This doesn't happen and again the full object is calculated, with match always or by name.

What I am missing here? Also I don't understand why is needed to rename at all. If I use a HR target FBX with the same object names than the low res it should be trivial identify the matching objects.

Certainly it is not here, that is the two official places posted here:

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Blending modes
 on: April 15, 2015, 04:06:29 pm 
I created a test file and reproduced the same error. I tried in another computer and the problem reappears. I have tried also other blending modes with similar problems. For example overlay is weaker than soft lighting when should be the opposite.
Can anyone download the project file include as attachment and test if the problem is also there?  It is a simple cube reproducing the test image above with 3 layers using Material-pbr-metal-rough shader. It is a question if it mimics the Photoshop behavior with saturation layers or the error included above.
I guess that or I'm doing some kind of error or the blending modes can change depending of unknown circumstances. It would be helpful to know if it is either.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Blending modes
 on: April 14, 2015, 09:13:56 pm 
Hi, I'm trying to understand the blending modes in Painter. I did a test with saturation and seem to work quite different to Photoshop.
In this example the number one tile is always in top and is the only one that changes the blending mode to saturation in the right version. In Photoshop it forces the colors below to match the saturation of the tile 1. Because it is the same saturation than tile 2 it becomes invisible over the tile 2 but not the background that have a different saturation. When trying to reproduce it in Painter the results not only don't match, also I can not understand what is going on and because that it is difficult to use it as a predictable tool. Any help about how this blending mode works in Painter?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Moire in fabric textures
 on: January 29, 2015, 04:05:56 pm 
I'm getting a moire effect in fabric textures. It is quite strong. The texture res is 4000 and has a height map, but it doesn't appear like a problem in other programs. I guess trilinieal or anisotropic filtering instead current bilinial? The graphic card is a GTX 970.
Any way to reduce it?  It looks OK when near.  ::)

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